Black Jacket Studios is an independent developer of its own new, unique, high quality games. The veterans of Black Jacket Studios each have over a decade of professional experience in the games industry and have worked on hit titles in the past such as the highly acclaimed online shooter series, "Tribes", and the hit XBLA title "Marble Blast Ultra".

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Anywhere (Oregon, USA) [OLD] Web App Consulting & Hire - Commercial Indie at Black Jacket Studios

web app consulting & hire - commercial indie black jacket studios anywhere (oregon, usa) web/other our studio would like to venture outside of our own personal knowledge and look into some strong web community features. while we have a good grip on game programming and design, when it comes to web programming we're a little out of our element. we are initially looking for someone that would be willing to talk with us and help us understand which ideas are plausible and which are not. assuming we decide to go in the directions discussed, we'd be willing to talk about hiring the consultant to work on the final web app projects. as far as community features we'd like to discuss and get figured out: -automatic server-side youtube rendering and upload -custom gamercard mod for phpbb -custom rich stats formatting and display from a highscore database -facebook/twitter integration -and other cool stuff :) if you have experience writing web apps against (preferably) google app engine, or knowledge of mysql databases and external social networking api's, shoot me an email!

Anywhere, but Portland, OR would be nice [OLD] Web Developer - Indie at Black Jacket Studios

web developer - indie black jacket studios anywhere, but portland, or would be nice web/other black jacket studios is a small indie group with a solid and fully-featured release titled metal drift. we're looking for the most cost effective (broke indie) way to get a website built as a hub for our growing community. any graphics and templates will be made for you, so no graphic design skill is necessary.

Jun 1, 2010
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