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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Artist, Programmer, Concept Artist, Etc... at Attack and Enjoy Games

3d artist, programmer, concept artist, etc... attack and enjoy games anywhere programmers this job position is being advertised by attack and enjoy games. attention any seeking employment in these job positions! - 3d modeler - concept artist - animator - game programmer - audio-based positions - other attack and enjoy games is in need of these positions to be filled up! we are currently in the works of a new game titled "daily insanity". if you would like more information about the story line of this game, please email me. the setting of this game is as follows - time setting is the 1970's - location setting is new orleans - genre: psychological thriller/ open world this game will be semi-open world, meaning the player can explore the game world in a limited fashion. the story line (as much as we can tell you) is about a mild-mannered news journalist who is sent to vietnam to report the withdrawal of american forces. in vietnam, the journalist is captured by unknown members of the vietcong and taken to a secret bunker. two years later, he is returned to america and resumes his job as news journalist. as he gets situated to a normal life, a slow-moving state of insanity builds up into him, changing the way he think, feels, and acts towards others. as he discovers the horrific truth about what happened to him, he must find the men who did this to him. that is the basic story line of the game. basically, the player must deal with episodes of insanity as he continues his journalist job and discovers the truth of what happened to him in vietnam. please tell anyone you know about this upcoming project. we desperately need help building up this game.

Nov 30, 2013
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