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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeler, Programmer, Graphic Artist at Attack and Enjoy Games

3d modeler, programmer, graphic artist attack and enjoy games anywhere artists attack and enjoy desperately need a 3d modeler, a programmer, and a graphic artist. we need these positions filled for the game "the ark". i need some 3d buildings similar to those made in ancient times (mud huts, etc...) we need a programmer to help create some 'unique' systems for the game. finally, i need a graphic artist willing to create concept art, character design, and just overall design. i would appreciate two or three modelers and artists and maybe two programmers. thanks!

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Model Rigger at Attack and Enjoy Games

3d model rigger attack and enjoy games anywhere programmers ///////// position : 3d model rigger attack and enjoy games needs someone(s) that can rig models using blender. this is not a paid position, but i would greatly appreciate if someone could fill this needed position. this would be for the game "the ark". /////////////

Anywhere [OLD] Character Modeler at Attack and Enjoy Games

character modeler attack and enjoy games anywhere artists job: character modeler salary: free attack and enjoy games is looking for a solitary person who can model characters. these characters will be put into the game "the ark". i need characters similar to people that lived in ancient times. please contact me for any more information you want or need. .................................

Nov 30, 2013
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