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Anywhere [OLD] Modeler And Animator at Alanj2007 Games

modeler and animator alanj2007 games anywhere artists hey, we're looking for modeler and animator. why do i need animator? because i want the model has an animation > walking > running > attacking what do i need for model? > human > girl > she's holding a knife > age 14 - 18 if you want the easiest way to animate. use to animate it. it's free but depends on how many poly in the model. if it's exceed the limit, it cost. lucky if it's free ;) if you want to look at our current project (model will be use in this game) here's the game page on gamejolt

Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at Alanj2007 Games

programmer alanj2007 games anywhere programmers hey, our team are searching for programmers to make this project more awesome and cooler. we don't have too much knowledge at programming so that's why we need you! game that we're working on it is "deadly sanity" it's a first person horror game. we do published the game page on gamejolt. if you want to check it out, here's the link like to know our members more? go to my website (team page)

Oct 24, 2013
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