Akkail games are an indie development studio with high standards. We are passionate about original ideas and building on existing ideas to create the best games possible. Using a range of graphics, styles and genres, we aim to create a plethora of amazing games.

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Anywhere [OLD] Charity game jam participants at Akkail games

charity game jam participants akkail games anywhere programmers akkail games are holding a 48 hour game jam for the charity 'special effect' and we would like to invite other game developers to show support for the cause by developing their own game live on the website. the games developed will be based on a theme that will be randomly selected from suggestions from the public. there are two types of application, a standard and elite application.. a standard application will get you a place on the website with a thumbnail that links to your website if you provide one. an elite developer will be given a dedicated page on the website with their twitch stream and chat embedded. the page containing the stream can also include information on the team/developer, current projects, etc. (no images, branding excluded)- simply contact us at business@akkail.com after being accepted as an elite developer. if you are not a developer and still wish to support us- you can suggest themes on our website. you can of course also consider donating to the cause. if you leave a message for us with your donation, we will personally thank you live on air. thank you in advance for you support. (this is not employment at akkail. you will be working in your own teams or as a solo developer)

Dec 11, 2012
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