Advanced Air Units v. 13

This mod adds NEW Fighter and Bomber aircraft that range from WWI, WWII, Computer, Modern, Information age, and Advanced aircraft as well.

This mod will run fine as is, however it is designed and optimized to be run with WHoward69's DLL mod called - DLL - Various Mod Components (v 66). download from his

Try out my other mods Advanced Naval Units and Advanced Ground Units they are BOTH now open for PUBLIC BETA release
I have too many aircraft to fit on this Steam Workshop Front Page
***To see a FULL AIRCRAFT LIST, Navigate to the Dissussion Tab, and to the Aircraft List Thread***

This mod also includes the Modern Carrier Mod integrated in as well as Improved Air Recon.

USE THE AIR SWEEP ABILITY TO PERFORM AIR RECON - it will reveal a 6 tiles radius - uses selected aircraft's range

FEATURES with DLL - Various Mod ComponentsThis mod was designed to use promotions and features from DLL - Various Mod Compoenents by WHoward69. They have been taken out of my mod in an effort to help those with save game issues. They can however be downloaded and installed by themselves if you so wish to have them in your game.
Steps - Create a new folder in My Documents/My Games/Sid Meiers Civiliziation V/MODS directory with the name of the mod you are going to download. Once mod is downloaded, extract into created folder, check as active in mods menu in game, and tada, there ya go. -- The ONLY mod I left active in this mod with LUA coding, is Improved Air Recon - That has been in almost every version of this mod and should pose no conflicts.

Links to WHoward's ModsDLL - Various Mod Components[]
3 Units Per City[]
2 Units Per Fort[]
Air Routes (Trade)[]
City State Airbases[]

He also has a bunch of other great mods on his site as well, please download and enjoy

Does not play well with the following mods:
RED Modpack, Ethnic Units, Improved Air Recon, Modern Carriers

If you ask for help, please provide details of your issue, I can't help with vague generalized statements.
Try clearing your my documents/my games/sid meiers civilization v/cache directory, restart your game, lets all your mods redownload.. exit game, validate local files on steam, then restart game.

Current Projects

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labriejp Creator

Hotfix 3 is out putting on modDB now

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