A group founded by Thomas baca that creates not only 1st person shooters but also mods, models, programs, anything that seems fun and challenging to the team. Black Steel Mamba Studios is a indie developer and looks forward to develop games that people will enjoy. We are nitch game developers we are not going to make something like farmville but games that challenge players and entertains them as they are challenged.

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Anywhere [OLD] Unity AI Programmer at Blacken Steel Studios

unity ai programmer blacken steel studios anywhere programmers this is for college students looking to add to their portfolio. so this is unpaid postion and you will be asked to help with programming simple ai and maybe helping with some other aspects for the game. also any one who knows artist, level designers , please ask them apply. thomas baca is lead designer of the development of 8th legion. currently a college student himself is seeking individuals with the same passion for game making as his own so anyone willing to devote some of their spare time need only to apply. he would also like to see some of their work youtube, codepad, are all acceptable platforms to show your work.

Jun 13, 2010
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