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Anywhere [OLD] Weapons Animator/Compiler at 1985 Development Team

weapons animator/compiler 1985 development team anywhere artists 1985 is looking for a weapons animator and compiler to animate and compile a set of weapons already modeled. the correct candidate should have extensive experience in animating and compiling weapons for source. we have an outsider helping us with this for the time being, but need someone permanent on the team. our arm sets are pre-rigged but if necessary we dont mind you starting from scratch.

Anywhere [OLD] Conceptual Artist at 1985 Development Team

conceptual artist 1985 development team anywhere artists 1985 is looking for a conceptual artist to create comic book style art for between missions, loading screens and to help us with our single player storyline. the right applicant should: -have a decent portfolio -be proficient in photoshop -have msn/skype -be able to work to specifications and deadlines -be able to attend sunday meetings at 2100 gmt.

Anywhere [OLD] Recruiting Modellers, Animators, Coders, Sound Artists, Voice Actors at 1985 Development Team

recruiting modellers, animators, coders, sound artists, voice actors 1985 development team anywhere artists we are looking at expanding the team that runs 1985, for another project. please take a look below, i hope there is enough information given, but if you require any more, then please dont hesitate to ask either here, or via pm/msn/on our forums! general information so who are we? 1985 is a source project lead by myself and a few other guys, however since last december, we decided to hold the fps version of the mod and combine it with something a little more amazing! basically we are now developing an unreal game, 1985:reclamation. the idea is to use the storlyine from 1985 to create an rts, with elements of fps built into it. what is the storyline? 1985 is set during the late cold war (1985 to be precise!) and is based on a fictional scenario in which a middle east war flares into a global conflict. sometime in the summer of 1985 a nuclear exchange takes place, and the uk is sent backwards into a powerless, turbulant time. a renegade faction appears attempting to wrestle control of the country from the semi-oppressive provisional emergency government. as the leader of a local army commander, and begenning from your bunker, your overall task is to build your fall-our bunker into a forward operating base, and reclaim the local sector from the rebellious 'union'. what type of game will this be? the game will featrue a sub-surface and surface element. your aim is to use the resources available to create a workable bunker system where your troops can live and rest, and then deploy them to counter the union. the base building will be similar to 'dungeon keeper ii' or 'evil genius', in which you build rooms, and then equip them to suite your needs. how many will there be? there is only one playable faction planned for initial release, however there are the army, the union and the peg (whom the army work for). what type of units can i expect? the units scale will be relatively small, its what you can do with them that is interesting. expect infantry types, ranging from riflemen, to snipers and machine gunners, support troops such as engineers and drivers, and stretcher teams and field medics. vehicle wise, expect landrovers and humber pigs, westland wessex troop transporting helicopters, and off map support from raf tornado and harrier aircraft. you will also have the commanding officer unit, basically your avatar on the ground, responsible for your troops, and your mission. how will the storyline continue? we expect the storyline to immerse the player completely. he will feel part of the drama as it unfolds, and more importantly, with the fps feature, he will have the ability to drop down into the body of his avatar, and guide troops on the ground. all cut scenes will be ingame, but will come from a first/third person close level perception (think of the world in conflict cutscenes). what will the maps look like? there will be one main map, but you can deploy your troops to many off map missions (much smaller) as they come along. the areas have been painstakingly researched to their exact specification during the summer of 1985, and we aim to use as little artistic liscence as possible. developer information what engine do we want to use? udk who do we have? we already have 3 modellers, all of industry standard, a coder, a mapper, a researcher/story developer and a musician. who do we need? we need an extra 3 modellers, we need another coder, we need another two mappers, we need a sound technician, and we need voice actors! what will they be doing? the modellers will be helping create the enviroments we are developing. they will use their skills to create buildings and vehicles to a high standard. the mappers will be putting these buildings together, again using their ability to create the infrastructre and ensure the game runs as smoothly as possible! the coder will be helping us to create the amazing gameplay features we have planned. the sound technician and voice actors will be helping us add the atmosphere that will make 1985:reclamation a game to be remembered. how much have we already done? we have completed the main design document, and are working on the more detailed ones for the artwork. we have completed almost all weapons, and almost all british army character models. we have also created the main union characters. what else is there to do? we still have a long way to go coding wise, we have to create the environments, completely. we have to create the civilians. we need to record the script. when are we planning to release? depending on how much we can expand the team, the end of 2012 would be a relatively generous guess. are we planning to release this to sell? this would certainly be an option, with a further option to release updates as we develop. if this is done, and you do contribute, we will release all profits made on a pro-rate basis, to be arranged at a later date. how firm is the current team? the current team have been working together for the past 5 years

May 4, 2009
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