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This is a singleplayer map I created using Doom3. It's a tough map with four hidden powerup areas. (armor, Shotgun, chainsaw and the classic BFG). I hope you enjoy the hybrid gameplay of Doom3 with Doom2 elements.

Calibur25 Author

Please leave constructive feedback, this is my first map that I have decided to released to the public. This is a strong showcase of my design talant and I'm very proud of the hard work I have put into this level.

Please see my Existential mini portfolio doc. for a summary breakdown of this singlplayer map (coming to soon to my profile for download).


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Calibur25 Author

I understand that some people are having some errors when trying to play this level. I'm working on a fix when I'm not at work, so hang in there and I'll have an update as soon as I can.

- I havent used Doom3 in a long time so I'm going to have to re-learn some things :)


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Calibur25 Author

So I have solved the issue for vista and possibly windows 7. I will need to confirm that this fixes it for windows 7 later. link to solving my slow load times and allows me to run the map. You convert your pk4s to zips and extract them in order to doom3/base folder, overwrite and merge all. (it’s ok as long as you do this in order)

1.After unpacking your converted .zip pk4s, then create a shortcut on your desktop if you haven’t already.
a. Right click the shortcut and open properties.
b. Target should have the “+set com_allowconsole 1” command after the directory to the .exe. if there is not add it so you can open the console.
i. C:\Doom3\Doom3.exe +set com_allowconsole 1
c. Test to see if this works by pressing the tilt key ( ~ ), it’s the key to the left of 1. During the main menu.

2.Download and move it to doom3/base.
a. Change the extension from .zip to .pk4

3.Play the game using our new shortcut.
a. Type in the console “map dc/existential” – press enter and my level should load now without any problems, give it a second to load.
b. If you’re not running full screen just press “Alt+enter” like you would in windows media player to go full screen.


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Calibur25 Author

I’m re-uploading an older version that works but has a lot of issues. I can’t open anything in my editor or even make a new map because my windows in the editor are all white. I’ve read the forums and tried some stuff but to be honest I’d rather give my time towards other goals than fix this back to the amazing state that it was in. ;)

Use your flashlight a lot and explore. I love to hide ammo and health off of the “main path”, I did this to punish the player for just running and gunning and to pace them and become immersed in the environment. Normally I would never make a map that punishes any type of player but this was an exception.

I was trying to copy and improve on the atmosphere with simple scares. If you don’t jump or hesitate then I failed. The action is increased and so does the difficulty. I say save often and explore and know when to run through a fight.

You play as Wilson and HELL has opened up and has hit your location hard. You make your way to the armory to get supplies and see if there are any survivors. You get updated codes on your PDA from Kelly and the intensity kicks up and you must make your way back to the beginning and call the slow moving elevator to escape to Mars City.

Enjoy & Good Luck! >:)

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Calibur25 Author

Things that are broken. That I can't remember how I fixed them. (I'm going to spend more time on my current projects then this one. sorry if this upsets you)

- Some of the monsters fighting each other don't fight the player.
- Light shadows on bsp draw over monsters (the monster appears to move through the floor)
- Some how the fans in the hellknight room got deleted.

I hope you can look over these huge bugs and enjoy the map. I appoligize and will not release anything this broken again.

- Calibur25

PS: You actualy don't need to unpack any PK4s. just drop the zip into doom3/base and re-name the extention to .pk4 and your ready to go just type "map dc/existential" in to the console. it worked on my machine (vista) and my friends windows 7.

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I am going to try this map, its seems interesting... Thanks !

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