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A simple list of monsters who you can "magic find" off of

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Rule: Act-End bosses aren't usually supposed to drop, although you can get them to drop on occasion.

Act I
Blood Raven (Cold Plains)
Griswold (Tristram)
~Sometimes~ Andariel (Catacombs Lv. 4)

Act II
~Sometimes~ Radament ([aka King Leoric] Sewers Lv. 2)
~Sometimes~ Duriel (Tal Rasha's Tomb)

Witch Doctor Endugu (Flayer Dungeon Lv. 3)
Stormtree (Lower Kurast Entrance)
Battlemaid Sarina ([Ruined Temple] Kurast Bazaar)
Icehawk Riftwing ([Sewers Lv. 2 Entrance] Kurast Bazaar)
~Sometimes~ Mephisto (Durance of Hate Lv. 3)

Act IV
~Sometimes~ Izual (Plains of Despair)
~Sometimes~ Diablo (The Chaos Sanctuary)

Act V
Snapchip Shatter ([Icy Cellar] Ancient's Way)
Baal (Worldstone Chamber)

Super Unique Monsters:

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