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Shaka Zulu is a single-player scenario mission for Kane's Wrath created by mapmaker extraordinaire b8factor. It has been described by EA as "a new mini-campaign of epic proportions", and as a "mission of pure excellence" by our own review.

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Date: March 2, 2010
Game: Kane's Wrath, 1.02
Author: B8factor, with R SchneiderIf you are thinking, "Single-player, are you joking?", then think again before passing on this gem of a map. It was created because the author found the single-player campaign of the Command & Conquer 3 games "far too easy" and wanted to challenge even seasoned players with lots of online experience. If you have not played Shaka Zulu yet, stop reading now, download the map and treat yourself to a challenging and fun mission.

Have you played the mission and given it your best? Still struggling? Then read on.

For those who are still struggling with the mission, or those who have finished but would like to see some alternative solutions or discover missed secrets, the author of the mission has written a walkthrough full of tips and extra information. This is a massive spoiler alert, but if you are ready, go to the next page to begin reading.

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