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This guide contains all the steps-by-steps needed to get Manhunt working on the modern hardware and operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7, and 8/8.1. Also contains graphics/gameplay tweaks and mods to enchant the game further. This guide is intended to get Manhunt working as I have tried other people guides for fixing the game and didn’t work for me at all.

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Origin Tutorial


This is an essential step to fixing Manhunt on the PC. You can skip this step if you never installed the steam version or cd version. NOTE: If you have installed the CD version, it can conflict with the steam version even after uninstalling the CD version.

First, right-click on the game in steam and delete local content, then go to your folder location/directory that steam installs your games into, it’s most likely:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common

Delete the folder named ‘Manhunt’ in that directory.

Then go to this directory and check to see if there’s a folder named ‘Manhunt’, if there is, delete it:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Game\

Now go to your user account ‘AppData’ local folder then go to Rockstar Games:

C:\Users\%USERNAME_HERE%\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games

If you do not have the folder ‘Rockstar Games’ in your Local AppData folder, that’s okay, you can continue moving on with this guide. Anyway, if you do have this folder, go inside it and check to see if you have a Manhunt folder, delete it if you do.

Then go to your user documents in your libraries/explorer, look for a folder called ‘Manhunt User Files’ > ‘SaveGames’, open it and you should see multiple files inside the ‘SaveGames’ folder. These are your saves files. If you don’t care about your saves, you can delete all the files in this folder. Otherwise, just delete ‘Settings.dat’ file. This file can get corrupted and sometimes not allow the player to get past the main menu screen. Also if you had the CD version installed before, this file will not work anymore for the steam version and will crash the game often. You have to delete this file for the steam version to work again.


Now you have completely uninstalled this game from your computer. Now you should download the game again from steam. DO NOT START THE GAME AFTER IT’S DONE DOWNLOADING! Instead right-click on the game in steam, then go to properties > updates tab > change automatic updates to ‘do not automatically update this game’.

Now go to this link below for AJ Collins Unofficial Manhunt PC patch*:

Manhunt Patcher 2.1 by AJ Collins[]

*I'm not the creator of this patch; I do not take any credit from the creator. All credit goes to AJ Collins

Once you have downloaded the patch, open it and install it should ask for your Manhunt installation directory. It’s usually this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\manhunt

Once it finished installing, a command terminal window should pop up telling you that the patch has installed, press any key to finish. Just press any key and you have successfully installed the game and unofficial patch. Now you can start the game and setup the resolution (Just make sure you are choosing 32-bit color resolution – ex: 32x1920x1080) and once you are in the main menu, you can setup the game settings such as widescreen and brightness. The game should work now and be completely playable!

If the game still crashes at the tutorial gate in the first chapter. You will have to download a cracked manhunt.exe file for Manhunt and replace the manhunt.exe file you already have in your manhunt installation folder. You must replace the .exe file AFTER you apply the unofficial patch to the game.
You can find a download link from the other community guides for this game. Sorry I do not have a download link to provide for you, I can only guide you to get it from the other community guide contributors for this game. It also gives credit to them as they have been very helpful to getting this game working.
(Xdono De Carii (OFF) guide contains both the patcher 2.1 and fixed .exe file).
(Mr.White guide contains a broken apart patcher 2.1 that can also fix the game, sometimes not).


Now you have the game installed and working. Here are some graphics upgrades tweaks and mods you can try out to enhance the game. This is purely optional and is recommended to just check it out if you’re interested.

GRAPHICS ENHANCEMENTSIf you have an Nvidia or ATI graphic card with the latest software and drivers installed, you can go to the Nvidia Control Panel or ATI Catalyst Control Center and set a custom profile for Manhunt.exe. You can add Anti-Aliasing up to x32Q and transparency Anti-Aliasing (Super Sampling/Sub Sampling) as well. You can also bump up the Anisotropic Filtering to x16 as well. This will make the graphics look pure HD quality for modern systems.

MODSManhunt Widescreen Fix Mod (Fixes HUD, Aspect Ratio, & FOV - Highly Recommended)
This mod adds native widescreen to the game. The game itself already has widescreen support but the HUD and FOV stretches and does not properly scale at higher resolutions. This mod fixes the HD stretching, Aspect Ratio, and FOV for widescreen resolutions. This mod also adds ATI Eye infinity support and Nvidia Surround support for multiple monitors. I highly recommend installing this mod as most people have widescreen monitors these days. All you have to do is download the mod and copy the files into the main Manhunt directory, no files to replace or to be modified at all. This is a very simple mod to install and use.

Manhunt Director’s Cut Realism Mod (Gameplay Mod - Purely Optional)
Project Manhunt - Director's Cut Realism Mod for Manhunt[]
This is a visual mod, it’s makes the game more realistic as it removes the HUD, make camera menu & text more realistic, better looking blood, new names for weapons, better decals, enhanced Camera FX, and adds graphic enchancment such as bloom, motion blur, depth of field, and SSAO. The link above for this mod has the instruction included and all the changes it does. There’s also a YouTube video included to show the changes. Enjoy!

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hey, I downloaded that patch but it still isn't working for me. it really sucks because my dad has always told me to play this game and now I have it but I cant get passed the gate after you kill the second guy and I cant seem to fix it...

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What the hell, i don't even have the function to turn of updates for the game...

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