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Details how to place a game-default actor with a custom texture into a level.

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In this turtorial, I will show you how to create a NPC with a custom texture. I will be using the Clone Captain texture which I made in a previous tutorial.

Step 1: Go to Actor Classes - Pawn - CTPawn - Republic - CloneTrooper. Right Click it, and select New.

Actor Classes - Pawn - CTPawn - Republic - CloneTrooper

Step 2: Input the desired name in the box.

User Posted Image

Step 3: In the properties box, go down to Display - Skins, and click Add.

Properties Box - Display - Skins - Add

Step 4: Type in the texture name (Ex: CloneTrooperCaptain) and hit enter.

Step 5: Exit out of the properties box, and go back to ActorClass - Pawn - CTPawn - Republic - CloneTrooper, and click on CloneTrooperCaptain (or whatever you named yours). Now, right-click an area of terreign and add him in.

postal456 - - 234 comments

do you need a special program for this other than RC?

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Ulmont Author
Ulmont - - 216 comments

Sorry for the late response.

No, you don't need any special program to mod RC. UnrealEd (its in the gamedata\system folder) will work for most of your needs. You may need some accessory programs for more in depth work (things like Gimp, Photoshop, 3ds Max, and Blender are pretty good examples).

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All_SHREKD_UP! - - 319 comments

Ya speak'n ma language the originals the best boo yah

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Martin_Kosecky - - 7 comments

You can get UnrealEd by patch 1.00

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