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Creating smoke in blender 3d animated....................

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One of the things I love to do when I have time to be testing is based animation tools in physics. Blender 2.5 brought many updates and improvements to these tools as the Smoke, which can realistically simulate the behavior of smoke in 3D, using a set of particle system effects and rendering. But more interesting is that much of the process is automated so you only need to know the functioning of the simulation tool for achieving good quality.

Had already produced a few months ago a tutorial on the operation of the Smoke, which practically has not changed since its introduction.

But still I found interesting update the tutorial and show how we can add the sender animations of smoke to get cool effects in Blender.OuvirLer foneticamente

Setting the scene to receive the smoke simulation is very similar to the fluids, it is necessary to work with an object that is the issuer of the particles and the other outlining the area in which the simulation takes place, which is the domain. For this tutorial were created as a cube divided field and plan to be the issuer of the particles.

The secret to emit smoke of objects is to add a particle system before the process and ensure that the forces applied to the particle system objects are already driving to the place where the smoke must be created. In this case an added strength in the Z direction, to ensure that the smoke rise.

After creating the particle system running under Smoke in Blender, and pressing the play in the timeline, the result was the issuance of the smoke. But to make things a little more interesting, were added keyframes in terms of location, and even moves into the area creating a very interesting effect in the emission of smoke. As a last resort of the tutorial, I doubled the resolution of the smoke as it is to show the loss of performance in 3D view with more quality in the simulation.

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