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Some tips to avoid annoyances. Read if you have problems.

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Problem: Crash

Game crashes occur sometimes, mostly somewhere at the beginning of the match. Restart the game and choose the same map. Bad solution: annoying.

Problem: No commander support

The commander denies any requests made or ignores them and does not take action besides giving commands. Become commander and do it yourself. Bad solution: Your bots are not the smartest and will not battle properly without your permanent orders.

Solution for both problems: Use Bf2 version 1.41. Remember: you have to be squad leader to make proper requests and the hostile bot commander will rain artillery on you.

Higher solutions are not supported with 1.41. Add this parameters to your shortcut (ignore those already there):

+fullscreen 1 +widescreen 1 +szx 1920 +szy 1080

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