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if you are a new players of Dragon’s Call Ⅱ,you can watch it carefully so as to play better.

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1. On Action Points: You will restore 5 Action Points every half hour, no matter whether you are online or offline. In addition, you will be given extra 50 Action Points at 12:00 and 18:00 every day, but it cannot exceed the maximum. 2. On Altar: Use Dragon Gold to refresh the Altar first. The higher quality the Holy Water is, the more Exp your pal will gain. What is worth mentioning is all the Exp will go to the pal that is used for the summoning. The strategy also works for the Treasure Box. Refresh the Altar to get a higher quality Treasure Box which contains more Gold. Also remember to use a high level pal because it will help you get more Gold. 3. On Equipment Refining: It is recommended to refine all the weapons of your combating pals. (As the refining level increases, the weapon will deal more damage.) As for the defense, you should focus on the pal that plays a tank in combat. Dick Agne is a perfect tank in your early game. You are advised to refine his equipment to increase his defense.4. On Formation of Pals: Assassins have the highest speed, so you’d better bring 1 or 2 of them and put them into the priority positions of your formation, using their high Dodge as defense. Pals with high attack (like mages) should stand behind tanks (Lords and Warriors can play tanks) to deal the finish attack. Consider this strategy and make your formation.5. On Combat Formation: Your character must have the best gear in your early game, so you may as well let him take on the major defense and then put Dick Agne into the above position to play tank as well. You can put other pals behind your character to protect them, which also avoids the demand of upgrading their gear in your early game.6. On Astrology: Attributes giving HP bonus are very helpful both for sweep and PvP battles. It is a must for your character and tank pals. For Assassins, the most useful Horoscopes are those giving Dodge bonus. With high Dodge, Assassins can evade from mages’ or other high attack classes’ critical strike and then launch counter attack. Recommended Horoscopes for early game: Dodge + Attack + HP for Assassins; Magic Attack + Crit + HP for Mages; Block + Attack + HP for Warriors. The higher, the better. Dodge is very useful, not only for Assassins. If you have slots left, consider Dodge!7. On Training: Pals in your formation will affect your combat power. To gain more Exp during training, you should put your best pals into your formation before starting auto-fighting, because the more combat power the team has, the more Exp you can gain.
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