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With the release of the fist Episode of Algae on Steam just around the corner we thought we'd share a few tips and tricks for the infamous 'Impossible' difficulty.

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Tips and Tricks

With the release of the fist Episode of Algae on Steam just around the corner we thought we'd share a few tips and tricks for the infamous 'Impossible' difficulty. While Algae is, at it's heart a puzzler, the 'Impossible' difficulty means that you have to know the puzzle before you delve in, and work fast to solve it. Many of the puzzles in Algae have more than one solution, and it's finding the most efficient solution that will ultimately lead to success. That said, there are plenty of ways you can maneuver Algae efficiently to make the most of the time you have.


Keep Moving

It sounds silly, but with time being so crucial the important thing is to keep Algae moving. If you jump on a button, don't sit around waiting for Algae to land, select the next Algae and get into position. The same goes for morphing - if you morph an Algae don't sit around waiting for the morph to finish, switch Algae and get going.

Keep Track of Your Clones

It's super easy to get confused when switching in the heat of the moment - especially if you're already tense. In the Impossible level you'll only ever have to deal with a maximum of 4 clones - make sure you know the order Algae are selected in to avoid getting frustrated and wasting time.

Jumping is Pointlessfan

In Algae you jump at the same speed you walk, and with a delay just before hand it's actually slower, so keep it to a minimum and walk where you can.


Air drafts are the one exception, jumping into an air draft gives you a much needed boost and gets you to the platform above quicker.

Don't Watch the Clock

The clock is there to put you off - ignore it. Over time you'll get used to how fast things can be done, and the speed you need to execute a move in order to complete a level.

Timing is key

Some levels need Beany to be in a certain place to solve the puzzle efficiently. Don't be afraid to wait for your opportunity before starting to solve a puzzle as rushing in can ruin your chances of solving the puzzle in the time needed.

stalkBe Cheeky

Beany and Stalk aren't that fast - over a short distance Algae can easily outrun either. Use it to your advantage by consuming food while they aren't looking, rather than moving them around platforms, which can be time consuming.

There's More Than One Way to Dispatch a Beany

Beanies can be moved around, but sometimes the quickest way is to trick a Stalk in to firing at them. To do this, simply move close to a Stalk, wait for it to spit... and run! Use holes in the platforms to duck Algae down out of the line of fire, and Stalks spit will hit any other enemy in it's path, even other Stalks!

Level 10

The final level is the only place you can afford to loose all but one of your Algae - use it to your advantage and don't be afraid to sacrifice clones in order to complete the level.


Ultimately nothing beats a bit of practice, but hopefully these tips will help you make the most of the time available when completing these levels. Have some tips and tricks of your own? Be sure to include them in the comments!

Algae is available from 21st August on Steam

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