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Ok I want to give you guys a walkthrough in case you get stuck. The game is short, it is not that hard if you are good at FPS games. This is for the first level.

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Stenches of The Night 1-The Nightmare Begins

You will start out in your apartment. You can find a banana on the table that can heal you if your hurt. In the bathroom by the exit is some ammo (I suggest you get much as possible when searching rooms).

After you get the ammo leave your apartment. You will enter the hallway, there are 2 locked doors and 2 apartments. Go into the one on the right first. In here you will find 3 skeletons relaxing on the couch. Go into the bathroom and search the toilet for ammo (Weird place for it I know).

Now go into the other room across the hall. You will find a gun with some ammo on the table. Here you will have your first encounter with the undead. Kill him, with about 4-5 shots. Then search the body by the fireplace. There is a key you will need to access the stairs. There is also a banana on the phone (BANANA PHONE!) in case you were hurt.

Exit the room and go down the hall to your left. You will find a locked door. Use the key to unlock it. Now you can access the stairs. In here there are some corpses on fire and some ammo. Go down the stairs and kill the torso zombie. There is some ammo nearby. Head down to the first floor.

Go into the hallway and a zombie will come from the corner. Kill him. Keep going down the hall to the lobby. Here there are 2 zombies and some ammo. The exit is the end of the first level. BUT there is another room by the desks, it's the doorman's room. Kill him.

Now go to the exit. You have completed the first level. Now to move onto the next.

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