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This is for the few people who have contributed to the campaign on indiegogo or have won this version of the toolkit...

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1. Creating a Project
To create a project, click on File >> New Project

2. Adding a Tilesheet
To add a tilesheet, you will need an image full of tiles that are each 32 x 32 pixels. An example of this would be:
After obtaining a tileset click on the "Add Tile" button in the Asset Manager, select your sheet and you will be ready for the next step.

3. Placing a Tile
3a. Select the "Map" tool at the top of the application in the hot bar.
3b. Select your tile from the tileset you added earlier in the asset manager by clicking on it.
3c. Click anywhere on the map.

4. Changing the Map
To edit the map, click the Geometry tab in the Action Manager (Located in the right hand side of the toolkit) and edit some of the values.

5. Testing a Map
To see how your map will look in the engine simply hit the "Run" button or Ctrl+R - This will launch the default engine and show you the map.

6. Scripting
To begin adding actions to your game, click on "main" in the File Manager. This will open your main lua script that you can edit. For a detailed look at scripting, open up the "Help" manual locating within the toolkit.

7. Additional Help
For the sake of keeping this short (and it being 1am), you can find additional help within the toolkit by clicking on the "Help" action locating at the top of the toolkit.

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