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> To Ammo-Switch, you need a specialized tool. If you don't have one, you can craft it at the Cooking, Chem, or Ammo workbench; or you can simply spawn one from here. Ammo-Switching is done to the CURRENTLY EQUIPPED weapon, as such if you do not have a weapon equipped then it will do nothing. The ammunition eligibility would be automatically detected. You would need to have valid ammunition available, or the option won't turn up and disallow switching to said ammo type. After that is done, all that has to be done is to pick an ammo you want to switch to.

> 500-Magnum and Shotgun Slugs are excellent for big-game, such as but not limited to Yao-Guais, Super-Mutants, Deathclaws. Keep them handy! You can craft Shotgun Slugs with mere steel and Shotgun Shells. You can craft 5 500-Magnum with every 2 50-MG Rounds.

> Pulse-Rounds of Shotgun-Shells, Shock Harpoon, and Electro-Gel Flamer-Fuel will deal extra damage to Robots, Turrets, Synths, or Power-Armor, and will slow and disrupt targeting. You can craft a Pulse-Round with a Shotgun-Shell and a few Fusion-Cells, but it requires Science! perk.

> Irradiated ammunition is extremely powerful against humans. It is also useful for dealing with Legendary human targets, for it stifles regeneration. Pretty much any ammunition has irradiated sub type; the Radium Rounds, the Irradiated Fuel, the Ionized Cells and Cores, the Gamma Plasma-Cartridges. An Irradiated Plasma Flamethrower with Gamma Rounds is something you should watch out for, it can kill you in seconds.

> Frag Rounds and Shells, or Armor-Piercing Incendiaries are rare but prevalent ammunition type littered across the commonwealth. These deal splash damage across an area, and has good damage retention that makes it useful for short-barreled shotguns.

> All Flamer Fuels, Incendiary-Tracers, Armor-Piercing Incendiary, Dragon's Breath shotgun-shell -- most sources of fire damage are great against Ghouls and most fleshy targets. They are however not as effective versus most mechanical targets; Power-Armor, Robots, Synths, Turrets.

> .38-Round, Buckshot, and Railway Nails will deal bonus damage to vermins: Bugs such as but not limited to Radroach and Bloatflies; and Molerats.

> Armor-Piercing Incendiary Rounds, Frag Shotgun-Shells, along with Anti-Tank Missiles, and Bunker-Buster Nukes, or the Fusion-Cannon equipped with a Beam-Focuser creates explosions that can hurt targets behind cover.

> The Automatic/Semi-Auto Pipe-Gun, or any weapon that uses Dirty Rounds has a chance to jam; this simply prompts an automatic reload aimation that interrupts your engagement. Pipe-Gun is a crude semi-automatic firearm that is commonly found anywhere, and can be tweaked into almost any role. Dirty-Rounds are cheap, crude, poor-grade ammunition that deals less damage, and has less range. But it is lighter and easier to craft, and cheaper to buy.

> With the exception of special ammunition, and the 5mm Round, the Ball Rounds -- that which are Full-Metal Jacketed rounds are the basic type for most ammunition found within the wasteland.

> The Overpressure Rounds are stop-gap magnum rounds for the basic pistol rounds, such as but not limited to .38-Round, .45-Auto, and 10mm Round. Overcharged Cells and Cores, and Plasma Cartridges are the equivalent ammunition to energy weapons.

> Match grade rounds are more consistent and more accurate than standard ammunition, and is in fact very expensive it's better used as currency. It is available for 30-06 and 50-MG.

> The Armor-Piercing rounds does reduced damage, but ignores a portion of the Damage-Resistance of your enemy. It will also deal extra damage to hard targets, such as but not limited to Power-Armor, Mirelurks, and Robots. Armor-Piercing rounds are handy to have for the instances you might go against enemies in Power-Armor.

> The Subsonic rounds are a variant of Rifle-Rounds, providing a smidge more damage at the cost of range. Much of it's power comes through increased sneak-attack damage, but it's bonus damage alone is still an increase in DPS.

> Incendiary-Tracer rounds have two main effects: additional energy damage, and increase in accuracy. The energy damage is done by direct-damage and damage-overtime, that which the full extent of the damage per round would be achieved when shots are spaced between one another to achieve a full burn. The increase in accuracy is done in the form of tighter hip-fire spread, and increased VATs accuracy. It is best used against Ghouls or any fleshy targets, and worst against Robots, Synths, and Power-Armor.

> Armor-Piercing Incendiary Rounds are powerful sub-type of ammunition that deals explosive damage, that goes through cover. Note that it does not allow one to shoot through walls. The damage is dealt best by shooting directly at the cover of another NPC.

> Trick-Rounds are fire aerodynamically-flawed bullets, that while short-ranged, bounces off surfaces and targets and can hit two additional enemies. While each shot is individually weak, it quickly stacks up with respect to multiple targets, and even more so if you are directly hitting them. Even so, Trick-Shot rounds come with increased sneak-attack damage, allowing one to tactically apply it to their advantage. Channel your inner Revolver Ocelot!

> The 12.7mm and the 500-Magnum can fire explosive rounds that deal splash damage, and the 44-Magnum and the 500-Magnum can fire plasma-infused rounds for extra energy damage.

> Energy Weapons, those that use Fusion Cell, Core, and Plasma-Cartridges, have Optimized ammunition variants. Contrary to Overcharged, Optimized improves weapon handling.

> Microwave Cells are a powerful variant of Fusion Cells that tune the laser at a lower frequency, allowing energy -- though weaker, to build up within a target. To a mechanical target such as Robot, Power-Armor, and Synth, these will apply bonus damage, reduction of perception, and slow. But to an organic, fleshy target, they will erupt a damaging explosion upon death. Which makes them useful for clearing out weak masses of enemies.

> The Rechargeable Cells and Quantum Cores are pretty weak ammunition, but they are basically unlimited and you only need one. The Rechargeable Cells refund your ammunition with each shot which makes it basically unlimited, while Quantum Cores just basically have unlimited ammunition.

> There is a variety of Shotgun Shells littered across the Commonwealth: the heavy-duty 12-Gauge identifiable by their cherry-red hull and brass base or teal boxes; and the sleek and accurate 20-Gauge with yellow hull with chrome base or red boxes. Common shotgun shells range from Buckshot that shoots a flurry of pellets; the single-projectile Slug that can reach a farther distance, and pierce armor better; or those that shoots bottlecaps primarily used for trading. Special shells are the Dragon's Breath that spits a cloud of fire; and the Pulse Rounds that are single-projectile that deals heavy damage to mechanical targets. Explosive Shells are the standard Fragmentation that can hurt foes behind cover; Micro-Nukes that irradiate targets; or the Timed ones that can bounce off surfaces and detonate after a delay.

> Trap Rivets are modified rivets with a 44-barrel and chamber within the length of the rivet, triggered by a sensor that shoots anything unfortunate enough to trip it. It takes 1 second to arm, and must be shot at solid surfaces than actual targets to work, else it will only act as a standard Rivet. It is best shot perpendicular towards any surface.

> While a Telescopic-Sight would have been nonsense to a shotgun due to it's spread shot, it is not the case with single-projectile rounds. One can even use shotguns as Sniper-Rifles. Slugs can come in the form of single solid slugs, of a pulse-round best used against mechanical targets, or explosive slugs.

> Somewhat a stupid idea at first, but it can be useful in a pinch, and is still valuable and used in trading. When used, it has the ability to demoralize enemies and send them off their way, additional has increased critical damage and limb damage. In survival mode, these rounds have no weight as opposed of the normal shotgun shells.

> The Pipe-Gun is the most modular weapon in the game, that it can become a pistol, a rifle, a machine-gun; and with certain attachments become a heavy weapon that uses the Heavy Gunner perk.

> The Pipe Weapons: Pipe Pistol/Rifle, Pipe Revolver, and Pipe Bolt-Action, can equip these Axe-Stock or Spiked Grip. These provide immense bash damage bonus, but does not work with bayonets -- since you aren't hitting them with it.

> As a shotgun that is already incredibly versatile, the Combat Shotgun can also chamber 44-Magnum like a high-powered submachine gun, a .30-06 like a proper sniper-rifle, or .50 MG as a semi-automatic death-dealing anti-materiel rifle from a distance.

> The Minigun is a rapid-fire heavy-weapon that shoots the tiny 5mm Round. It can be eventually chambered to 50-MG Round. It has a few barrels; the Standard Barrel, the Accelerated barrel that has increased fire-rate at the cost of reduced damage and range and awful accuracy, and the opposite that is the Tri-Barrel that adds additional damage. In between the three main barrels are the cooled version of Accelerated and Standard Barrels. The Minigun can be equipped with a Targeting Computer that controls the trigger allowing the weapon to only fire when there's a good chance that a round will hit the target. It reduces the fire-rate, but increases critical-damage, range, and accuracy. The Minigun can also be equipped with a set of Shield, reducing damage while aiming the sights down.

> The Gatling Laser has been tweaked expanded, allowing one to have more barrel options, providing different performances, and these barrels consume Fusion Cores at a different rate. The Charging Barrel has low capacity, but deals heavy damage per shot. The Standard Barrel has the balanced damage, fire-rate and ammo-capacity. The Accelerated Barrel has the most ammo-capacity and fire rate, but least damage. The Overcharging Barrel turns the Gatling Laser into the dreaded Fusion-Cannon. It has the least fire-rate and ammo-capacity, but it deals the most damage per shot that explodes on impact.

> With the inclusion of Ammo-Switching, it has become the main feature of the Missile-Launcher, for there is not really a whole lot you can do with the weapon. It has a variety of ammunition selection, to the common Napalm, Cryo, Pulse, Plasma, and to the powerful Micro-Nuke and Nuka-Nuke -- who needs a heavy Fat Man anyhow? It also has Anti-Tank rounds that has reduced AOE, but deals extra direct-hit damage and splash-damage ignores cover. There is also two main types of missiles; Dumb, and Smart -- that which has a different mechanical quirk depending on the missile-launcher mode. The Missile Launcher can equip a Pneumatic system instead, increasing damage and AOE, at the cost of range and can fire proximity-trigged missiles. Alternatively, the Fire-Control lets you fire seeking missiles that home to targets.

> The Fat Man is a portable Nuclear-Device launcher, it launches Mini-Nuke. It is much more powerful in WO-Redux, doing around +125% AOE, that can completely engulf an area in Nuclear Fire. Nuka-Nukes can be crafted after obtaining schematics behind the safe of John Bradburton at Nuka-World. It's blue, and stronger version of Mini-Nukes. Davy-Crockett and Nuka-Rocket are rocket-powered variant of the former Nukes. They sacrifice a bit of AOE for faster projectile speed and thus longer range. They are also arguably safer as a result. With Fire-Control, they can home to targets. The Bunker-Buster seems to be a typical Mini-Nuke, but it deals heavier damage and explosion goes through walls, it is at the expense of smaller AOE. The Low-Yield are basically lighter, weaker Fat Man shells, that is easier to craft. If all else fail, you can load Modified Bowling Balls upon a Fat-Man launcher. It does not explode, but it deals heavy damage.

> Contrary to vanilla Fallout 4, the MIRV has been tweaked not to fire a projectile that breaks apart, but fires multiple projectiles all at once. This is to avoid the bug of feet-spawning explosives. Alternatively, it can also fire a cluster of hand-grenades as opposed to expensive Mini-Nukes. Yes, it can also fire MIRV frags, if you like MIRV within your MIRVs. Or Synth-Relay Grenades, if you like an army at your beckon-call.

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