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This is a short tutorial for new/intermediate members of IndieDB who are actively seeking work as voice actors. It is only meant to suggest possible starting points. Other avenues such as promoters/agents are not described here. These are not professional opinions, criticism is welcome.

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0) Get your profile up : Nothing is worse than a profile with no info.

1) Forum >> Recruiting & Resumes Both advertise yourself and look for work here

2) Forum >> Audio / Visual Advertise yourself here also.

3) Community >> Forum : search "voice act " settings should be Posts & year 2015 [month is optional].

4) Developer >> Jobs : a) Set field to Audio OR b) voice acting may be advertised in some other jobs too

5) Games >> Download games that are in Alpha and Beta. It won't take long to see if they MAYBE need a voice actor/actress. Even an RPG dev with speech bubbles could be an opportunity.

6) Find some voices actors on IndieDB/SlideDB or on Twitter. Ask them to tell you if an Extra may be needed when they find work.

7) Team up with someone of the opposite gender. A male/female voice acting team could be the ticket! You can have more than two in such a team and someone (sound engineer?) could help improve your recordings or add SFX to your voices.

8) Twitter >> WARNING : You may want a seperate account - your professional account. For instance my @etherflows1 account is 65% indie devs plus 30% indie support (game art, audio, blogs, video review).

Go to Twitter. Search #indiedev and #indiegamedev. Switch from photos to Accounts. See if they list a website in their account. Link to their site and see what type of Games they are making. If you think they may need a voice actor/actress email them your details, ask them to add you to their database. ALWAYS thank them for their time. If they reply, even if they have no work, thank them again and ask them to pass your name on if they hear anything. If they use voice actors email no more than every 3 months.

DO NOT SPAM : Check out the what games they make first!!

NEVER PM UNLESS: They tweeted asking for Voice Actors to PM. Normally email or site visits are suggested.

9) Wheter you have a website or a profile with audio, you still need to have sample audio ready, if it is asked for.

Feel free to PM and suggest improvements/additions/offer critique.

Happy Job Hunting,

Richard 'Etherflows' Mulligan

IndieDB etherflows :: Twitter @etherflows1

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