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Coding a site is very easy, and if its to hard then you can try some of these sites:

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Since somtimes you have to have a page up quickly and you don't have the money to host, buy webservers , and domains you should try these sites: intiutive and easy to use, what you see is what you get. is a more advanced guild hosting site, that starts off with a boat load of space, has DKP editor, forums, and awards stuff and more advanced layouts. is a easy to use, site for hosting clans, that has about 200 games to choose from, however you start off with only 15mb of space. is just as easy to use, but only 8 - 10 mb of space. is not easy to use, and is has ads that have nothing to do with your site, but it is free. is easy to use, but they limit free accounts to only maybe 15 modules, and they have lots of templates, but only 10 - 20 templates are free, the rest are expensive like 40 dollars.

There are many sites to use, and for those who want to have their own wiki, I suggest wikia, why its free, easy to use, but also has unlimited space on images, and you can skin it unlike the other mediawiki sites. You also are assigned a wikia staff member so they can help you out. Read another tutorial of mine about wikia.This will tell the computer hey title is what I should put on the tabs on my computer.

is the body always close body and all html tags like this:
is for paragraph
and for web links: Hi
for images its

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