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Some characters make the music stop when they initiate the wining state (pose), and some stages also make the music stop or skip. I will show you how to fix that.

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When a character makes the music stop either at the begining or end of a match, or after a victory from either side, that character has an extra state that makes the music stop.
Do the following to solve the problem...
Go to the character's CNS folder, usually common CNS.Look for the following state:

Mugen wrote: :
[State 1]

;type = AssertSpecial
;triggerall = Win
;trigger1 = RoundState != 2 && RoundsExisted = 0
;trigger2 = RoundState >= 3 && RoundsExisted != 0
;flag = nomusic

Notice the flag? It states no music.
Which means the music will stop at the wining pose.
Delete this or just put ; at the begining of every line to stop this from happening.

Now for the skipping music problem.
Go to the stage's .def notepad, and find this:

Mugen wrote:

zoffset = 210
autoturn = 1
resetBG = 1

See the resetBG=?
All you have to do is place a 1 after that and it should solve the skipping music problem.
Sometimes the music wont even play at all if the reset is disabled, which means there will be a 0 instead of 1.
So 1 means enabled, which is what you want.

Last but not least, under your stages.def, find your bgm=
under that line, add the following:

This should make the song repeat after it ends.

Save everything, and it's done.

szemi - - 131 comments

zoffset = 210
autoturn = 1
resetBG = 1"

I already did this and the problem is still there, even at the title screen and select screen music: the music plays, then it stops despite of doing right.

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In the def file, the "bgmusic" has to be the same name as the music file itself and where it is at.

Example: sound/example.mp3

If that doesn't work either, then I don't know what else to tell you.

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