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This tutorial is to show how to add a new headpart for your race using the mouth as an example

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This may be edited at anytime by me to correct, clarify or remove if no longer applicable to current version

Important note on how MVR works for HeadParts. So long as the mod in question works for your default races you should get them as well for your player with no change needed to MVR. So facial animations mods, eyes, mouth etc all work for you in these races without the need to do anything. It is important to understand the overlap with NPC when a mod changes something in your game. Using the mouth as an example any new nif you install will be ignored by NPC as it is already inside their respective facegen nif. Textures however are a different story and those can and do change for NPC. So if a mouth is installed using MVR your player by default gets all changes so nif and texture change and NPC gets the texture. The below is only useful to do when you are certain you wish to have a headpart unique for your player only and not affect NPC at all

This tutorial will be to modify MVR to add a new headpart so you can have a truly unique mouth only used by you. The mouth was chosen as that is what a user had requested info for but should also be useful for making similar change to add in new HP for your players race if you have not done it before

Following this requires atleast a basic working knowledge of the Creation Kit to include having it setup to load multiple masters, Xedit and Nifscope. I do not have time to include that info here but there are many existing articles, posts and videos to help you

For this I will be starting with the optional mouth from Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy. First thing to do is get those files in a place that makes sense. For this example I will put them in the following existing locations in an appropriate MVR folder for both meshes and textures for female listed below

Meshes\My Vanilla Races\My Female\mouthhumanf.nif
Textures\My Vanilla Races\My Female\
Textures\My Vanilla Races\My Female\

Now that the files exist you can use either CK or Xedit to add in the needed changes for the esp. For this I will choose to use both starting with CK. Double click My Vanilla Races.esp and hit ok. Now under HeadPart click female and above in the filter box type in the word my
As you can see there is no mouth so we need to create one. To do this we will look at one of the new races. With the word my still in the filter click on Race. All the new races added by this will now show up. Go into MyNordRace so we can see what is set for mouth. First change the view from Male to Female. Now move to the Face Data tab. You can now see that the mouth is assigned via the additional head parts and not the base. In fact it is the only one there so that is what we will need to change. As a general rule, in order to ensure any new parts work correctly when added to your new race it is always wise to start with the games known good record and only change what is needed leaving the rest at default settings. So we need to find the default femalemouth and create a new one from it

Before we do this lets create a new form, so you know how to do it and also so that the new mouth we make can be used for all females and not just one to include when they are vampire. Go to formlist under MISC. Lets open up HeadPartsHumansandVampires. Rename it to MyHeadPartsHumansandVampires, delete all the existing races so it is blank. Leaving the form open go back to races using "my" in the filter. Starting with MyBretonRace drag and drop into the form. Do the same for all non beast races to include the vampire. Once all 16 are in it click ok to save

Now go to HeadPart for female, use the word mouth in filter. Double click FemaleMouthHumanoidDefault to bring up the editor. Change the editor ID and Name adding My at the beginning so it is now MyFemaleMouthHumanoidDefault. In the dropdown for Valid Races change it to the new form we just made so it is now MyHeadPartsHumansandVampires. Underneath that note that the game does not have a texture set for the mouth assigned so we need to note that as I will choose to not be changing that here and instead opt to edit the new mouth nif itself

For model click edit. Model file name click edit. Now navigate to where the new mouth is in meshes in the path listed above so Meshes\My Vanilla Races\My Female\mouthhumanf.nif. With that we are done and can click ok to save and close. This should be all we need for the record change in CK so I will save and close naming the new esp MVR New HP Patch. At any time in the future you can re-open this new esp and add or change more but for now lets just get the mouth working

After saving and exiting CK open the new esp in Xedit to include any optional patch that needs edits to these races, example MVE. In either the original or if needed to retain edits any patched esp expand race. Copy as override all 4 human races and the 3 elven. Although we did add the orc to the form we will not change them in this step as beast and orc use different mouth. Once that is done in your new esp Expand Head Part and double click formid in the right pane and highlight the full text and copy to clipboard. Still in your new esp expand Race, for each race scroll down to the female headparts. Find the existing mouth headpart and select edit. Paste in the box and close to swap the existing mouth headpart to our new one. Note I find this faster but alternately you can also use the drop down and select it that way as well your choice. Once this is done look over the esp as we should have one new form list, one new head part and 14 races changed. Before exiting right click the esp and select check for errors. If this was done correctly there should be none, also a quick way to check changes to original for the races is to use the hide no conflict filter and then it should only show the change to the mouth for females. Save and close Xedit

One last thing is needed for this to work the way we want. We need to go in and directly modify the nif to change the texture path set from default to our new location. Remember we noted the game does not use a texture set for mouth and instead will show what is set in the nif so this must be done. I will use nifscope for this as it is easiest for me to make this change. Once open expand the lighting shader property and click the shadertextureset
now for each of the 2 textures change the path to the new location in our MVR folder as listed above. Save and close

Now what I like to do is a before and after. Before activating our new patch in game load a save. Use expressions that open your mouth slightly with lips open more. Zoom in with a lower fov like 35 and snap a shot of your mouth. Then do the same after enabling the patch. Comparing the images to see the difference in your game. If you find your mouth did not change at all before you beat yourself it may simply be your HP did not update. If you use the mod Racemenu by expired go to the sculpt tab and see what it shows for mouth. If it shows you are still using the old mouth go back to the head tab to forcibly set it to the new mouth. This would only happen introducing your change mid game as if a new game is played with your patch in use this would not be needed

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