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Modeling ladder with a script in Blender 3d software...

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In 3D modeling directed towards architectural visualization, one of the most complicated is the modeling of residential roofing projects. As for the inside of the 3D models, the steps represent one of the most laborious to create in 3D, it can present many small details that are repeated and represented on a slope, always a little more difficult the work of artist 3d . In many 3D software we can find scripts and tools that assist in modeling and creation of various types of ladders, Blender 3D and it is no different.

This week was posted in the forums for users of Blender 3D, an interesting set of scripts that help in 3D modeling stairs. Script stairs to model in 3D can be copied to this link.

If you want to use the script to aid in their modeling projects, I decided to make a little guide on how to use the tool. Overall the script is a compilation of five different tools that consequently five different types of ladders. After downloading the file with the script, open it in a Blender text window and press ALT + P to run the script.


The menu selection of types of stairs will appear:


On the left menu you can find three different options for creating models of regular stairs, and right two types of spiral staircases. Among all the options, only two of them have setup menus and panels to customize the creation of the stairs. In other cases only the finished model of the staircase is created.

In the first type of ladder Script_dail activated with the button, find the following menu options for the development ladder:


The options panel is simple and allows you to select only the number of steps (steps), floor (Height), mirror the ladder (Depth) and thickness (Width). When all is set, this result is the ladder.


The generated 3D model is quite simple, but can greatly help in creating more complex objects and to submit further details such as handrails and other elements. This type of ladder is a problem of topology a little stiff, which is the union of the points generated in the 3D model connected on only one vertex. But nothing prevents its use in simple projects.

The other steps are simpler and have no extra configuration. The images below show these other types of ladders.


For other types of stairs to have a variety of configuration options, which corresponds to complex organization and morphology of spiral staircases. These are the options for the first kind of helical staircase, triggered by the button Script_abidos:


The result of this ladder is the following:


Finally, we have more of a spiral staircase down which does not allow any configuration change, unless you venture to edit the script.


With these tools is much easier to create stairs in Blender 3D, even if they serve only as guides to the modeling is done with more detail using the tools snap.

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