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This is my tip of the week. This tip is more about orginaizing mods and games. Click to Read.

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Do you have alot of used of space on your desktop. Well you can easly free up every thing real easily.
All you have to do is create a file on your desktop called Program files or something that you will remember that's where you data is. Leave only the things you absolutely need on your desktop.

First Create a file folder that stores the game/mod data's. If you want you can create a icon and place it as the folder.
Second for each game you have for electronic arts. You create a Folder called electronic arts, and then place another folder inside of them for the games you want. Like spore, Command and Conquer, or sims.
Thirdly, enter each folder and create a shortcut to every thing you would need. Like the application, worldbuilder, and such.
Then if needed you can create another folder for images that you want to keep.
Finally you do this for all the other games you got, and mods.

This saves alot of space on you desktop as well as your hard drive space. Mostly becuase depending on your computer some computer compress files to save space with in folders other then the desktop.

Well I hope you like this tip of the week.
Cea later and have have fun.

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