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Tutorial and Instructions about how to play the game Mebas!

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What is Mebas about? Mebas is a Social-Multiplayer Farming game where players create their own ecosystem of life forms, design their own unique creatures, build an amazing colony and share their experiments with friends!

What's the point of the game?

To have fun! There is no set out goal for your own lab, besides building an ecosystem with creatures you enjoy having around and show them off to your friends!

How do I play it?

You gain experience levels by reaching larger population of mebas. Each new experience level may unlock new mutations or lifeforms that you can add to your lab to create more variety!

You increase your population by a combination of 3 things:

1) Design mebas with mutations that extend their life expectancy. Like make them live longer, or be able to find food more efficiently, or be able to take advantage of alternative food sources etc.

2) Between each level there is a period of time you have to wait, to increase the population limit required for the next level

3) Have enough food! Mebas can only divide if they eat enough. There are a number of ways to produce food, for example Food-Emitters, but there are more creative ways to do this for example via symbiotic lifeforms that may feed on meba waste, and in turn produce food for mebas

Watch out for hazards!

Sometimes on later levels the Entry Plug spawns hostile lifeforms such as Viruses or Bacteria that kill mebas. You need to be prepared by having some mebas with defensive mutations such as Antibody or Resistance!

(You can also always remove the Plug from your Lab and re add it later. However keep in mind that you get Food-Emitters through the plug also, so until you re-add the Plug, your progress may stop. )


You can claim an extra mutation every 6 hours from each of your friends who play Mebas. You can get it, by visiting their Lab, which can be accessed via the Social Menu.

Another way of topping up your mutations is via sending and receiving them as Gifts!


Mebas Multiplayer is a Real Time Strategy game, where players have to eliminate other players' Mebas with their own saved lifeforms. Gameplay is similar to single player, with only 3 differences:

1) Most abilities, projectiles etc, work on hostile Mebas!

2) You can only place objects next to your own mebas, onto areas that are highlighted in green!

3) You can't directly nudge or manipulate individual Mebas, instead you influence their behavior by placing a Guard Area or using the Influencer tool.

Guard area: choose the Guard area option from the Tools menu, and click somewhere on the Map that you control, mebas in it's range will go and Guard that area without wandering away. To remove Click the Shield object on the map again.

Influencer: To launch an attack or move a group of mebas to a location use the Influencer tool. Click to activate and click again to turn it off. Mebas in its range will follow it wherever you point. ( if mebas would fall out of range they will still follow for a short time before giving up)

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