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A simple tutorial on how to make your own bodies stay mod.

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  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2\Mods\(whatever mod you want to edit)
  2. Make a .zip file named
  3. Open up file in the same directory
  4. Extract the soldiers folder from the to your Desktop, or whatever place you find easy to access
  5. Go to the extracted soldiers folder, delete the common folder, and go into each of the subfolders and delete the .con files
  6. Now open up each .tweak file (with notepad) in the subfolders and search for the line: ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayafterDestroyed and change it to however many seconds you want the body to stay, I usually change it to 10000, then save the files
  7. Now add the edited soldiers folder to the
  8. Open up the ServerArchives.con file in the mod folder and add the line fileManager.mountArchive Objects above fileManager.mountArchive Objects Now it should look something like this:

fileManager.mountArchive Objects
fileManager.mountArchive Objects
fileManager.mountArchive Menu
fileManager.mountArchive Common
fileManager.mountArchive Objects

The bodies stay mod should work now. To disable the Bodies Stay Mod just delete the line you added in Serverarchives.con.

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