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This is a walkthrough for the game, if you are finding hard, and lost your wau around.

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1- You start in Egypt facing the Pyramid.
Wait a little while outside, hidden away from the teleporter, as the monsters sometimes teleport outside.
Grab a couple of artifact spawns by the teleporter, like triple damage, and lightning rod, and then make your way to the teleporter and inside the pyramid.
Fight the two skaarj, or just avoid their attacks and grab the medi pack and the weapons.

Now either press the button now that it's located on the pillar opposite the stone, or lead the skaarj outside, and go back in and press the button.
Once you have pressed the button, go through the other teleporter located in the gazebo, and it will lead you to another place.
Go through the same teleporter again, and it will take you to the Ice Age.

once there, head over to the igloo, and sneak past the first guard, and then lure the other 2 out of the igloo, so then you can go in in peace.
Grab the adrenaline and the weapons, and then press the button which is hidden behind the small obelisk on the end of the igloo.

Head back, and now make your way through the teleporter again, until you find the medieval time.
Head to the castle and avoid the brutes.
go in the castle and head left to get the weapons, and then head to the other end to find the floater lift to take you to the upper floor.

Careful, there is a boss brute here.
Head by the seagull, and press the button to it's right, and head back to the teleporter.
teleport again, until you get to the Jurassic era.
Head over to the volcano and go in.
Grab the shield and weapons, and locate a steering wheel, which is located to the right of the Dino skeleton, opposite the mushrooms, and press the button there.

head back to the teleporter once more, and for the last time, and find Egypt again.
There should be a platform raised from the water.
head towards that and go to the center of it, which will teleport you into a small square room with a warlord in it.
So make sure you have plenty of health, or you will get killed.
you don't have to fight the warlord, just locate the teleporters which have little floating yellow bubbles and go through.

2- in the second map, you will find your-self deeper in egypt.
You will start facing moving walls and a skaarj.
make sure the skaarj doesn't see you.
grab the weapons and wait for a couple of artifacts to spawn.

Once you're ready, wait until the skaarj is by the left tunnel and launch at him with a rocket launcher or other weapon which will make him bounce back.
You are going to use the skaarj to trigger the trap for you, so you don't have to.

The skaarj will trigger the rolling ball, which will kill him.
Once done, head down the tunnel, jump over the hole, and press the button.
head back up, and left towards the moving walls.
get as close to the moving walls as possible without getting killed, and dash through.
get the attention of the other skaarj guard, and let him get close to the chasm, and he will fall down it. use the boots of flight to fly over the chasm, or just jump from platform to platform to reach the other side.
get the pickups, and go up any of the three holes in the wall which will lead to a secret.
Press the button and help your-self to as much adrenaline as needed.

head back to the start and the door to the left is now open.
Head through and turn right, avoiding getting crushed by the moving walls.
there are pickups to the left and right.
head straight down and turn to the next possible left.
You will see a crusher going.
go past the crusher, and press the button on that wall, which will activate the platforms on the next fire pit.

Now crouch down and get as close to the wall as possible while going left, as the crusher doesn't get you that way.
Notice the gap between the crusher and the wall.
use it to your advantage.

Turn left again, and head straight down, and turn left again.
You will see a fire pit.
either fly over or jump... it's easy to jump here.
press the button and return.
Turn the next left, which is now open, and get to the room.
press the button, and get the pickups.
head back to the start (Center) of the level.

The green zone is now open,
Go through the green zone, and use the same technique with the spikes, as you did in the wall.
Use the speed booster if you have to, you should just make it through.
there is a huge crusher here, so just use the same technique as before.

head to the left at the end of the corridor, and go all the way to the end of that corridor too, and then right.
You will find a huge room with lots of platforms to jump on and two nasty warlords.
either fight them, or lure them out of the platforms, as they not always fly, and fall in the chasm.

Go up to the top, and press the button.
Return to the crusher, and notice just before it, to the left... is now open.
go either left or right and lure the warlord out of the way, so you can get the pickups.
Go next to the shiny wall, and look up to find the entrance to the secret.
Fly up using the boots of flight which you should have picked up by the start, and go up.
press the button which is located by the two windows, and make your way to the start.

The blue zone is now unlocked.
go through, and find the last crusher.
run to the other side, and make you way to the last tunnel on the right.
there's a water tunnel to the left.
either lure the monster to the rolling stone, spikes, or crusher, and go in the water.

Swim down the tunnel and you'll come up to the room with the switch.
press the button and swim back.
there is a fake wall by the rolling stone, if you want to get the redeemer, just use the same technique as the crusher and go through the wall to get the deemer.
head to the tunnel on the left to find the last room with the teleporters.
Go through to go to the next map.

3- This level is pretty easy when you know how to do.
but it becomes extremely hard, for those who don't.
You could spend hours trying to figure this map out.
But it only takes a few minutes.

Go in between the Sphinx legs and get the redeemer and adrenaline.
Head to the door, and go through the first teleporter.
there are weapons to the left and right, in case you need.

After that, just go through every teleporter again, until you find the wind element room.
head to the seagull and press the button.
teleport again, until you get back to the initial room, and then head to the opposite direction from the Sphinx.
You're out and through to the next map.
the teleporters are by Anubis.

4- this map can also be hard, but here is the easy way.
go straight into the restaurant, and pick up the keys on the table, and read the note.
there is also a link gun behind the fridges.

head to the apartment on the far right, and go up to the third floor.
Get the keys and read the note.
Go to the chemist which is located in the far left, by the beach.
the door will unlock... go in and pick up the other keys and read the note.
head to the shop next to it, and the door will unlock.

Pick up toy Xan, and head back to the apartment.
Go to the first floor, and go in the first bedroom.
you will place xan in the stand, and will trigger the other bedroom door to open.
go through and to the next map.

5- this is just the silent hill version of the previous map.
Everything turned evil, and there are a lot of monsters, but there is only one puzzle.
Go down to the Ground floor, and get the weapons.
Now prepare for a hard battle.

Go all the way up to the top, and now the hatch to the roof is open.
Climb the stairs to the roof, and face the final boss.
A giant warlord awaits you up there.
careful not to fall down the building.
Kill the warlord boss to unlock the door to your freedom.

once done, head back to the first floor, and through the only previously locked door, and out of that hell and into freedom.

6- read the ending... and that's it.

hope you enjoyed version one of my mini game... lost in Time.

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