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This tutorial explains the setup procedures for launching your own KF Vehicle Mod Dedicated Server.

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Launching a dedicated server for the KF Vehicle Mod first requires downloading the Killing Floor dedicated server installation using the Steam downloader. Full instructions can be found at the Tripwire forum here.

Once the server files are installed you'll need to install the KF Vehicle Mod files into their requisite folders, e.g. copy the files out of the KF Vehicle Mod animations folder and paste them into the KF Server animations folder.

The KF Vehicle Mod launches using a custom game type. You can set this in the kf_server_launcher.bat file as per the following default example:

ucc server KF-WestLondon_KFVM.rom?game=KF_Vehicles_BD.BDGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6 -log=server.log

The following command line launches the SP Mutator that will also allow the Max/Min settings on a dedicated server. Server admin have flexibility with how many cars spawn at one time.

ucc server KF-WestLondon_KFVM.rom?game=KF_Vehicles_BD.BDGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6?Mutator=KF_Vehicles_BD.SPGameMut.KF_Vehicles_BD.SPGameMut -log=server.log

You will also need to make a KF_Vehicles_BD.ini file and add it to the system folder with the following entry:


The MaxCarLimit for maximum vehicle count is from 1~12. The MinCarLimit for minimum vehicle count is from 1~8. It is also possible to set these parameters from the Web Based Admin after launching your server. This will force the server to create a KF_Vehicles_BD.ini file which you can manually update.

Set your maps and other game parameters through the Web Admin Interface or KillingFloor.ini as per standard.

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I have a problem with the map voting. I instaled the mod on my dedicated server and added the maps in the maps folder. I erased all the other maps and left only the entry.rom. Everything seems working fine but when a map ends in the map-voting section it doesn't display any map to vote for. I can change map only by using web-admin. How do i fix that.
ps: In web-admin all the new maps are available to change to!

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