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Crash195x2's installation instructions for the Revival Patch 1.2.1 ^^ If you follow this guide completely and correctly you should have no install issues at all. I will lay it all out in a step by step process that is easy to follow. So lets get started.

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Install Hellgate London, I suggest you install the game to the default location of "C:\Program File\Flagship Studios\Hellgate London" You do not have to install to this location; you can install the game anywhere you like. This just makes it easier for me to reference where you are installing to when you need help.

User Posted Image. After installing, grab the 1.2 SP.Patch. Run and Install it.
Mirrors: Hellgate London 1.2 SP Patch

User Posted Image. Once the original Hellgate 1.2 SP patch is installed run the game. That's right run Hellgate and skip the intro to the main menu, Create a new Char and load into the game, run around Russel Square a bit and kill and few Zombies, then Exit the game. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

User Posted Image. Now download the Revival Patch/Installer/Launcher Create a folder on your C:\ drive called "Revival", Unpack the files to that folder. Remember where this folder is so you can easily find it. Where ever you create this folder and put the installer.exe file into it remember to be sure there are no special characters in the path name.(Spaces, Commas, Periods, Slashes) It's best to put it right on the C Drive in it's own folder.

User Posted Image. You have allready downloaded the Revival 1.2.1 Patch and the Optional Package that includes Normal/Elite mode, Superior Quests, and Zomper model. Do not unzip these files. Still both of these files in the same Revival folder you put the installer/launcher in.

User Posted Image. Run the "install.exe" file in the Revival directory. You will be prompted with a message that says the launcher is not currently running from the Hellgate path would you like to install to that directory, Click YES. It will now copy the needed files to the directory.

User Posted Image. You will now see the Revival launcher/installer on the screen playing it's kick ass music. Click on Options and goto Program settings. In the program settings window that comes up click the tick box that says Enable Expert Mode then I would also advice you to click the "force DX9" bubble, (there have been problems with DX10 and single player), now click OK. Now click "Install Mod Package" It will check your files to be sure they are patched with the clean 1.2 SP hellgate patch, If your files are correct you will get a message saying Hellgate Looks "Good to Go". Press the Next Button.

User Posted Image. Click SELECT PACKAGE and browse to the Revival folder on your C:\ Drive. Choose the "" file first. Press the next button after selecting.

User Posted Image. Be sure the Revival SP modification is checked off to the left side you will see a large green check mark. Once checked off click next and the installation will begin. When finished you will get a message box that says installed successfully.

User Posted Image. With the Revival launcher/Installer still open click "Install mod package" again it will check your files and assure you that are good to go. Click next once again. Click select package and this time choose the "". Click next. Check off elite for normal mode and superior quests. I would advise to also check off the Zomper option also, its a cool looking skin that Tirex implemented for zombies. Click next and the install will start. You will once again get a message the mod has installed successfully.

Now click Unleash Hell! and enjoy your newly modded Hellgate Fun. *,o)

barrasso - - 1 comments

This is amazing. This project is awesome. You've all made my day. Time to Unleash Hell again!

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GlassDeviant - - 78 comments

Hellgate London 1.2 SP Patch link is no longer available as that server has been taken down.

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f0u - - 269 comments

Doesnt work with Steam version

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