Post tutorial RSS II) How to mod the items and NPCs in Deus Ex Human Revolution

The video tutorials in this section show how to modify the items (weapons stats, items size and stacking, merchant stocks, Replacement of some items in the maps and also replacement of the items carried by some characters in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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1 - How to make a stacking mod for Deus Ex Human Revolution. This tutorial will explain you how to change the number of cells taken by the items in the inventory and how much they can be stacked (or if they can be stacked at all) on the same inventory cell :

2 - How to replace the merchants stocks in Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cuts. This video tutorial is for players who would like to change what items are sold by Grayson, Seurat and the other merchants in the game. And also in what quantities they are selling them.

3 - How to replace what items some characters are carrying in their inventory. Note : This currently works only with a few characters like Seurat, Jenny Alexander or Brian Tindall. Still, this is a start :

4 - How to replace the items found in the game's world. Note : Currently, it is only possible to replace all the items added by the DLCs and a few items from the base games by others items. Still, this is a decent number of items and this can impact the game in many ways (difficulty, increase the maps' atmosphere, etc...).

4-1 - How to find items the ID codes of the items and characters in DXHR :

4-2 - A few examples of what can be done, in video (Just for fun :) :

4-3 - And it is even possible to replace the characters by other characters... like Eliza Cassan or the game's bosses (Barret, Federova, Namir, or Zhao). Example here in video where Eliza Cassan's 3D model replaces Jenny Alexander.

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