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I decided here to tell you how to run this mod, as the description of the "ReadMe" is not very clear.

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So, we're going to need:
1-Steam portal
2-self mod

  • Point 1: You must install portal 1 from Steam, then throw the mod in the folder Sourcemods on the path "...Steam\steamapps\sourcemods"
  • Point 2: You must create a local network in Hamachi and wait for your friends to connect to it)
  • Point 3:Run the mod, click on the button "create server" 2 times, it is advisable even in the console write "sv_lan 0", then "map *choose map, large or small *"
  • Point 4:When you boot up your friends can find the server in the "local servers"
    That's it, have fun))

1-If you don't see the server,you can try to connect through the command "connect *host ip your friend*"
2-Cannot use portal gun, because of the crookedness of the hitboxes the game will crash
3-Mod itself often crashes because the portal gun is not suitable for multiplayer
4-Not everyone can be a host, if you can not connect - change the host (another friend should create a server)
5-If you have closed ports, you can not play in place, as hamachi will not work properly
6-Don't go overboard with commands, it will end badly)))

Good Luck!

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