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Instructions on how to use the seedlogs and reporting issues.

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Basically you need to look for the item that you are missing in the seedlog, copy the entire line of the item and send it to me. Don't PM me those, best place to report is commenting this article.

For example, let's say you don't find the Diamond key. In the seedlog you will see the hex code for it. I'll leave the item code list below.

Once you find it (Diamond key = 0x5A), look for it on the Seedlog, copy the entire line for that ItemID and send it to me.

This is an example with the Diamond key on a random seed for Claire:

ItemID 0x5A goes to room PL1\RDT\ROOM1121.RDT, offset 29AE. I check this page twice per week so I'll try to respond asap.

I can't fix any item softlock if I don't know where the item was intended to spawn in your particular seed. So reporting those without this information does not help much. Also, most of the times it's the player missing something. Actual items softlocks are very rare on the latest version of the randos. Remember that american/japanese versions have different item layouts. You also may be playing Arrange mode which is not supported in this rando.

I have also seen a rare bug in RE1 and RE3 where some items don't spawn for some reason, it's very very rare, but I saw it. Not seen in RE2 yet, but that could also be.

Item code list (only key items listed below):

0x2F Lighter
0x32 Valve handle
0x33 Red jewel
0x34 Red card key for basement
0x35 Blue card key
0x36 Serpent stone (brown)
0x37 Jaguar stone (blue)
0x38 Blue stone L
0x39 Blue stone R
0x3A Eagle stone
0x3B Bishop plug
0x3C Rook plug
0x3D Knight plug
0x3E King plug
0x3F Weapon box key for Lab locker
0x40 Detonator
0x41 C4
0x42 Detonator + C4
0x43 Crank
0x44 Film A
0x45 Film B
0x46 Film C-Leon
0x47 Unicorn medal
0x48 Eagle medal
0x49 Wolf medal
0x4A Gold cogwheel
0x4B Manhole opener
0x4C Main fuse
0x4D Fuse case
0x4E Vaccine
0x4F Vaccine cartridge - empty
0x50 Film D
0x51 Base vaccine - white
0x52 G-virus
0x53 Special key
0x54 Plug S
0x55 Plug N
0x56 Cord
0x58 Cabin key
0x59 Spade key
0x5A Diamond key
0x5B Heart key
0x5C Club key
0x5D Control key - Down
0x5E Up key
0x5F Power room key
0x60 Mo disk
0x61 Umbrella key card
0x62 Master key
0x63 Platform key


ItemID 0x32 goes to room PL1\RDT\ROOM2041.RDT, offset 1A5A

Also i'd like to mention i was capable of taking 3 red jewells instead of only 2, idk if that's normal xd.

This is the Claire A randomized.

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re_duke Author

That's the body in front of the first licker you encounter.
It has handgun bullets originally.

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Sorry to post that but i've been stuck twice with this room..

ItemID 0x39 goes to room PL1\RDT\ROOM2031.RDT, offset 07DE

Which is ROOM 2031? (CLAIRE A)

Thank you!

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re_duke Author

Room 2031 is the small room that you unlock with the Spade key.
There are two items in this room. Ink ribbon next to the door, and the crank.

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