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This post will explain you how to play this funny game as well.

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Click the pear many times to earn some pears, then, if you want to buy the "Triple finger pear up" (pear ups page 1) click on it and every time you click the pear you will earn not one pear, but 3. If you buy more Triple Finger Pear-ups, you will allways earn more pears by clicking it. [cost: 30 pears]


Pear ups are Power-ups that makes your pear (for example) cloning itself alone, without clicking it. Other Pear-Ups, like Pps Combo (pear ups page 1), makes your pear earning pps by itself. For personalize your pear you can buy the Pear-Up "Pink Sunglasses".


Actually, for beat the world record, you must be a member of the Scratch comunity. Scratch is the platform where Pear Clicker is hosted, and it hosts lots of other games from developers from all the world. If you also want to make games and share them with the comunity and the world, then sign up.

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