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this is how you install Portal 2 - Ultra Graphics Mod for mods... I made the installation process as simple as possible and I may learn c++ to make a install .exe file

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How to install Portal 2 - Ultra Graphics Mod for mods

NOTE: I dont have a mac. I dont know if it works on mac. I do not support mac.

1. extract the .zip file you downloaded from this page. if you get a folder called "Portal 2" thats good.

(download is in the files section, Portal 2 - Ultra Graphics Mod - Files click on the newest version, then click on the download button, you will get a .zip file)

2. go to your mod's directory. for example Portal Stories Mel (for me thats C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Portal Stories Mel)

3. Go into your .zip, then go into the "Portal 2" folder. Then copy all of the contents and paste it in your mod's directory.

4. REPLACE, REPLACE, REPLACE! (if windows asks you to replace files)

5. Go on to your mod, then press the "HOME" key, if you see a bar saying ReshadePreset click on it and use Graphix2021.

6. Enjoy your mod having better graphics.

7. Press the END key on your keyboard to toggle the effects.

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