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This is basically the Readme of the MultiMod, just slightly updated. I know most people don't read readmes, but you might fail to install this mod properly if you don't.

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Reaperrr's MultiMod Final 2.0 (c) 2003-2010 Reaperrr

I can't be held responsible for any mice eaten or screens burned by this mod.
Use it at your own risk :)

This zip archive contains (at least it should):
History.txt -version history
Readme.txt -this document
svrcfg_cnc_0025.ini -settings for playing the mod in LAN*
RPR_MultiMod_f2.pkg -the mod package*

crosshairs sub-folder:
crosshair 1 to 7 -crosshairs
ch-install.txt -how to install the crosshairs

*these files are necessary to play the mod

Requirements: C&C Renegade (with 1.034 or higher patch installed, 1.037 recommended)

To install the mod simply copy the two files mentioned above into your Renegade /data directory.
Then start the game. The host has to choose RPR_MultiMod_f2.pkg from the mod list.

To deinstall the mod simply delete all four unzipped files.

This is a C&C Renegade Mod made with the official Renegade Level-Editor from the
renegade public tools.
If you find a bug or any other problem with the mod visit (use the Return of the Dawn forum there).

It sometimes happens that you can't move after purchasing one of the extra characters
or skins. To prevent this, don't go too close to the purchase terminal, activate it from as far away as possible. Then the character shouldn't get stuck.
This only happens with characters like Mr. Tickles or Clown Dolf, not with normal characters.

To enable the extra characters and vehicles you have to do following (works only in
non-laddered games): Press F8 while playing, then type: extras fnkqrrm and press enter.
Now go to a Purchase Terminal, press E as usual, then hold ALT and click on either the characters
or vehicles menu. This should give you access to the additional characters/skins/vehicles.

To do so, choose LAN, host a game and load the settings 'Reaperrr's MultiMod 2.0 - Settings'
that come with this mod.

I want to thank my beta testers for their great help and ideas, all the sites
hosting my mod and of course those people who download and play it.

Have fun



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