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In this video ill show you how to get a homebrew channel on your Wii Channel.

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This is the thing we need:

- Wii ( obviously ).
- The Indiana Jones game.
- a 2Gb SD card.
- the PC.
- Pacience.

Once we have all the stuff, we can go to the steps:

1- Download the Indiana Pwns software ( I will add it to downloads ).
2- Once you have donwload it, put it on your SD card.
3- Plug the SD card on your Wii console.
4- Turn on the wii and go to: Data/Wii/Savedgames/ and we must erase our Indiana Jones memory.
5- Go to the SD section.
6- We transfer ( or copy ) the Indiana Pwns to the wii database.
7- Lets go back to the wii menu.

Now, all the nex rules we must do them in the Indiana Jones game.

8- Go to the character creator.
9- Select " Random ".

Once we did this, a Prommt code will start loading, you click everything till it seas that the wii will restart. Once we turn it on, there we have it!!!

I hope you liked it, any douth to comments or private message :)

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