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In this article, There are steps for installing my new mod Curious Kyle! Hopefully this helps you out!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the installation guide for Curious Kyle! Now I already included a readme file in the download of the mod but if that didn't help you this article will provide step by step pictures on how to download and play it! Hopefully this helps you!

Step 1: Make sure you have winrar or 7zip before you download (They are both free programs that can open .rar files

Step 2: Download the with this link: (Make sure to download the newest version of the mod for the best experience)

Step 3: Once you download the mod, you will have a folder called "CuriousKyleHN" and a readme file


It should look like this when you download it

Step 4: Go to the Epic Games Launcher directory and go to the HelloModKit download folder (you can find it by going into the hard drive that you installed it on)

The directory

Example: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\HelloDevKit\HelloNeighbor

Step 5: Open the folder that says "Plugins" and drag the folder from the .rar file called "CuriousKyleHN" into the plugin folder

Plugin folder

Step 6: Open the modkit (If your modkit was open while you did step 5, close your modkit and open it back up)

Step 7: Once in the modkit, press the button in the right corner that says "View Options" inside the "Content Browser at the bottom of the screen (it looks like this)

Content browser1

content browser2

Step 8: Once you click "View Options" you will have a lot of options, the one you are looking for is called "Show Plugin Content" click it and make sure that the box beside it has a checkmark

Step 9: Click the 3 lines with an arrow on the top left corner of the content browser under "Add New" and beside "Filters"


Step 10: Scroll down and you will find "CuriousKyleHN Content somewhere at the bottom, click it and it should open up the content inside the plugin

Folder content plugin1

Step 11: Click the folder inside the content folder that is called "CuriousKyle" (Don't mind the fact that I have 2 Curious Kyle folders... I made 2 because 1 is a backup folder)


Step 12: You will have 6 folders, click the one called "Maps"

inside 2

Step 13: Start at the map called "CuriousKyleStartHere2" if you want to see the cutscene if you want to jump right into the action, open the map "CuriousKyleMainLevelV2"

Step 14: Press the button that says play at the top of the screen or press the drop down arrow and choose a mode you would like to play the mod in and have fun trying to figure out your neighbor's secrets!



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