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In this tutorial, I will show you how to change fonts, such as character's name, Combo meter, Fight anouncement, etc...

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If you want to change some of the fonts, for instance you may want to change the "Fight" font... here's how to do it.

(Note before hand that all the Fight On-screen fonts are in the fight.def notepad. This includes character names, round and fight announcements, combo meters, timer, and power meter number.)

Open data folder, and open your current Fight.def.
The one you are currently using.
If you are using a screenpack, then you must use that Fight.def.

Find the following section:
sff = fight.sff
snd = fight.snd
font1 = font/jg.fnt
font2 = font/num1.fnt
font3 = font/name1.fnt
font4 = data/font/ggxx_system.fnt
fightfx.sff = fightfx.sff
fightfx.air = fightfx.air
common.snd = common.snd

We are only interested in the fonts, so ignore everything else, and take a note of the fonts.
If you want to add a different font you have downloaded, then add the font to the Font folder located in the data folder, and then add another line under the fonts list.

font5 = data/font/newfont.fnt

Or place the directory for your fonts folder.

That will be font 5.
So now, say you want to change the players name that displays by the life bar.
Scroll down to find the corresponding section in the same

p1.pos = 14,10 = 1,1, 1 =p2.pos = 305,10 = 1,4, -1

Notice how player one's font is 1,1?

Ok... So now you want to change it to your new font.
It would look like this. = 5,0, 1

Now we've changed player one's name to font 5 on the list of fonts.
Save it and try it out.

Some fonts like the JG.fnt font, can also change the color.
JG has 7 different colors.

Here is the list:

1,0 Silver
1,1 Red
1,2 Green
1,3 Dark Blue
1,4 Light Blue
1,5 Yellow
1,6 Pink
1,7 Black

So if you want the player one character's name in red, it would look like this. = 1,1, 1

Don't alter or remove the third number of the fonts.
They are there for a reason, and can't be changed.
Only change the first 2 numbers of the font.
Usually the second number is 0, because the font only has one single colour.

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