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Tutorial in how to add music to your Mugen stages.

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This is for Winmugen only.
Mugen 1.00 users, this tut provably will not for you guys.

Part 1:
Assigning the song

Place your song in the Mugen/Sound folder, and follow these steps.

1 - Shorten the song name to one single word. Copy the song's name.

2 - Open your Stages folder and look for the Stage you want to assign to that specific character, and thus add the song to, then open the stage's .def (Definition notepad) file.

3 - Look for the following line.

Someone wrote: [Music]
bgmusic = sound/Rollin.mp3 < Add song here.
bgvolume = 255

Paste the name of the song you copied into the line directly after the bgmusic=.
Don't forget to add the
folder path where the song is at, and add .mp3 after the song name.
Make sure
bgvolume is set to 255. (Max volume)

4 - Save and it's done.


1 - All songs must be Mp3

2 - It's preferable that songs don't have any spaces in the names, and be as short as possible.

3 - Make sure you type .mp3 after typing the song name in the stage .def file.

Part 2:
Assigning the stage to the character.

Now that you have assigned a song to the stage, you can now proceed to assign them to the character.

Go to the select.def file, which is under the data folder.
Make sure it is the select.def you're currently using, and not a backup, or one that you may be using for another screenpack.

Under the [characters] section and after the character name, add the following line, like so:
Character, stages/stagename.def

...and that's it.

If you still get NO sound at all, go to this: link and download the plugins, then put them on your plugins folder.
It may be that you comp doesn't have the right plugins to play sound through mugen.
That should solve the problem.

Another method that I sometimes find, that if you re-adjust the sound acceleration on your computer, sometimes solves the problem. So try that too.

Since you have assigned the song to the stage using the stage.def method, you no longer need to add any extra lines in the select.def.
Just do exactly as the tut explains, and if you still can't do it, then there's something wrong with you, and you need to learn to read and follow instructions.

One other thing you should check for is that if the music stops playing once it's finished, and wont repeat, go to the stage.def and look for the line:

zoffset = 210
autoturn = 1
resetBG = 1

Set the resetBg to 1 so the song replays and never stops.

Enjoy Mugen

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wenawena - - 1 comments

The same thing happens to me, when i set a song to a specific character and i get to his stage, it doesn't play anything

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian - - 759 comments

You might need sound plugins

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian - - 759 comments

Try this

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CrazyRedReploid - - 2 comments

Same for me.

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Tunkman77 - - 2 comments

Hello, I'm having the same problem as well. I have put in songs that I want to use for characters into the /sounds folder, and changed the parameters in the system.def for all of my characters similar to this example of my first character:

ryuDG, random, order=1, music=sound/21 Theme Of Ryu.mp3

... and for whatever reason, none of them work. Stages that have background music already still play normally though. Any help at all would be appreciated, I've pretty much gutted through Google and YouTube and can't seem to find a solution.

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Tunkman77 - - 2 comments

Also forgot to mention that I'm running Mugen 1.0, if that helps.

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Soul-Guardian Author
Soul-Guardian - - 759 comments

First of all, what is the word random doing there?
please remove that, it's useless.
second, assign the song to the stage, not in the select.def.
Then assign the stage to the character in the select.def.
Like so:
ryuDG, stages/yourstage.def, order=1

and you're done, that's all you need to do.

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