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Here's how to add cameos to RA2. If you already have a cameo made then proceed to this tutorial; if not go to my previous one.

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Cameo-Follow my previous tutorial on how to make a cameo
Red Alert 2 with or without Yuri's Revenge
Unit/Structure- You need to make a new unit or structure for RA2/Yuri's Revenge.

1.Alright, first off place the cameo you saved in your RA2 directory.
2.Now open up the
art.ini file or art(md).ini for yuri's revenge.
3.Find the new unit/structures entry.
4. Add the line Cameo= CCCC, with CCCC standing for whatever the name is of the cameo you saved, in capital letters. (Ex: ATOM BOMB)
5. Your done:)

NOTE: If you have a version of the cameo with veteran stripes then add the line AltCameo=AAAA, with AAAA being whatever the name is of the veteran verison of the cameo.

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