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How can you have a god mode without help of modules or items?

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There is a couple of god mode mods, but how can you have a god mode without help of any modules or items?

One of the easiest tricks, really. In fact it's also a character editing tutorial.

1) enter your Character screen
2) enter Statistics screen (the bottom left button)
3) export your character
outside the game (Alt + Tab)
4) go to your M&B main folder, and then CharExport folder and open your character text file

From this point on, you can edit your character as you wish.

Giving it e.g. 5555 strength will give the character 5555 HPs, and e.g. 500 charisma will enable your character to have at least 500 troops more!

Or you can simply give your character more attribute, skill and weapon points to distribute in-game and keep your character stats "legal" and honest enough (if you don't have the time to develop your character and you need a strong one from the very start).

5) and now when your editing is finished, save the appropriate character text file, go in-game to the same Statistics screen, and choose Import Character (it will import the same character that was exported). All's done.


it's funny because ever since i learned about this in the vanilla M&B (before any expansions) i laughed at god mods :P I'd rather play Eagle and the Radiant Cross and still be god! XD

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Really useful, I wanted to try something with God Mode and this helped me a lot :D Just a bad thing, my powerful character now can't move if not on horseback D: I mean, if I get into a tavern or in any place where I spawn on foot, I can't move and if I dismount from a horse I die D: How can I besiege castles now? XD

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Ok, I fixed the problem modifying the values, and with your permission I here write a "template" for the character that I considerate almost invincible (as real invincibility will make you unable to move on foot and in that case if they manage to kill your horse you're dead too). Just make a .txt file in your CharExport folder and name it as you wish, then paste all of the text written below here and remember to change the name in the 2nd line. So, here's the template:

charfile_version = 1
name = [charactername]
xp = 79435
money = 9999999999999999999999999

attribute_points = 0
skill_points = 0
weapon_points = 0

strength = 50
agility = 50
intelligence = 50
charisma = 50

trade = 10
leadership = 10
prisoner_management = 10
reserved_skill_1 = 0
reserved_skill_2 = 0
reserved_skill_3 = 0
reserved_skill_4 = 0
persuasion = 10
engineer = 10
first_aid = 10
surgery = 10
wound_treatment = 10
inventory_management = 10
spotting = 10
path-finding = 10
tactics = 10
tracking = 10
trainer = 10
reserved_skill_5 = 0
reserved_skill_6 = 0
reserved_skill_7 = 0
reserved_skill_8 = 0
looting = 10
horse_archery = 10
riding = 10
athletics = 10
shield = 10
weapon_master = 10
reserved_skill_9 = 0
reserved_skill_10 = 0
reserved_skill_11 = 0
reserved_skill_12 = 0
reserved_skill_13 = 0
power_draw = 10
power_throw = 10
power_strike = 10
ironflesh = 10
reserved_skill_14 = 0
reserved_skill_15 = 0
reserved_skill_16 = 0
reserved_skill_17 = 0
reserved_skill_18 = 0

one_handed_weapons = 500
two_handed_weapons = 500
polearms = 500
archery = 500
crossbows = 500
throwing = 500
firearms = 0

face_key_1 = 1800040c4
face_key_2 = 36db6db31b6db6db

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how to go to m& b main folder

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Is there a way to pull up a "cheat console/in game console" so you can do cheats/edit things...Sort of like the one in Mount and Blade Warband?

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There is a god mode in game... well not god mode but healing yourself. Its called Ctrl + H.

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how do you get onto the folder

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how do you get onto the folder

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