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Here is a movements' guide for rookies created by PrimeviL.

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Sharp metal piece that you swing yourself with

Can achieve great speed and precision if handled correctly. If the tee lands on the ground with a high speed forward (given by the hook) the tee will run faster until you manually abort it.

- "A" is the direction of where you are heading with this über speed.
- "B" is the other direction; if you push towards the other direction ("A") the tee will lose its speed (manual abortion). If you however (regular) jump at the same direction of where you are headed with the über speed you will make an extremely low jump(near the ground) but the speed will be fantastic!
- Double jumping will help you get higher up in the air. (Still with the über speed "attached" to you. The hook can be used to drag your enemies towards you at a high speed (if you hit him/her with it).

To circle around an object/obstacle, go against the dragging of your hook (make the hook as long out on the side of the object as possible):
- If you wanna circle around an object to the left standing at the right of the object, will give you enough speed to do this (map: ctf2) now getting the hang of this is to go against your hook (moving towards as in the example: is to holding in the "A" button when you are under the object and "D" when you wanna go right making you go around the object).
- This will make a resistance to the dragging and thus giving you extra length and not as fast in-speed (on your hook).


Jump from the ground towards the sky
- Often used to reach higher ground.
- Can be combined with double jump for more precision it also gains you a little speed "bonus".
- Can be steered towards other directions in the air.


Jump on the air for an extra "bounce"

- Extreme mechanism to dodge or avoiding obstacles at a high speed rate as it can be used in the air.
- Opens more possibilities to go to higher grounds more quickly (Double jump: hit your jump key one more time while in the air).
- To get as high bounce possible, practice making the bounce when you are at the highest of your "regular" jump.


Jump with a boost given by a grenade
- First make a jump, then FAST shoot a granade in the ground.
- Jumping at the exact same time as the grenade hits the ground will give you the maximum height.
- You can use it for increase your speed too.
*this trick remove 1~3 heart(s)


Run with a boost given by a grenade

- This way of speed increasing is faster then while using the hook (even if you shoot only once).
- Push move button in direction where you want to go (right side/left side) and shoot directly in your legs (actually you can shoot not directly down and got less damage).
- With each shoot your speed will be faster (I think there is no speed limit).
*this trick remove 1~3 heart(s)


Soon (check the link)...

*this trick remove 1~3 heart(s)



Why? Because the tee got loads of space to move around on, great practice on you're hook and speed. Try moving from a flag all the way to the ninja sword (katana). Write the time down, and try to beat it!

Circling around an object

While u are falling ur speed is very slow, its easy to guess ur trajectory and shoot directly in u.
To make ur falling more unpredictable use hook and catch the ground.


You can change ur move direction without speed decreasing.
2)Catch the ground with a hook and push move button
3)Release a hook when u are almost in hook's target point


- Movements tutorial:
Movements by zach (link)

Original thread HERE

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