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There's new legendaries in game, collect and select.

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> Amata's Fate - Furious Combat-Pistol within Vault 75, by the mock store used as gun-range.

> Dead Silence - Violent Combat-Pistol at the Natick Banks unmarked warehouse, sitting by the table.

> Ol' Painless - Rapid Hunting Rifle at the Sanctuary Root Cellar, above the bed with few ammo.

> Diamondback - Explosive Magnum of Sully Mathis during Pull the Plug quest, after being drained.

> Dirty Harry - Violent Magnum within Mad Mulligan's Mine, near Sally's body.

> Expert's Carbine - VATs-Enhanced Combat-Rifle of Bullet during the Kid in the Fridge quest

> Greta's Game - Rapid Combat-Rifle of Cinder in Revere Beach Station

> Frontier Justice - Violent semi-automatic Assault-Rifle with scope and Long-Barrel, located above the Mass-Blood Clinic

> Utter Madness - Explosive Assault-Rifle of Sparta in the BADTFL Regional Office

> Semper Fi - Furious Battle-Rifle used by Captain Wes at Gunner's Plaza

> Velocitas Eradico - a Battle-Rifle with Accelerating Barrel located at the Federal supply cache 84NE at the Glowing Sea

> Ernie's Bootlegger - Relentless Submachine-Gun of Ernie in Easy City Downs

> Roses and Chocolates - Violent Submachine-Gun of Skinny Malone during the Unlikely Valentine quest

> Lady-Luck - Lucky Pipe Rifle of Red Tourette at Federal Ration Stockpile

> Scout's Honor - Two-Shot Pipe Machine-Pistol at Lake Quannapowitt, by the office and above the fallen door

> Van Buren - The Unlimited Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle of Honest Dan at the Covenant during Human-Error quest

> Liberator - Resilient Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol of Jared in Corvega Assembly Plant during The First Step quest

> Peacemaker - Violent Pipe-Revolver of Mayor McDonough during In Sheep's Clothing quest

> Five-Pounds - Rapid Pipe-Shotgun of Simone during Order Up at the Drumlin Diner

> Hellrazer - Incendiary Double-Barrel Shotgun of Bedlam in Dunwich Borers

> Uranium Fever - Irradiated Radium Rifle within the belly of a Mirelurk-Queen in Far-Harbor

> Final Hour - Rapid Automatic Laser-Musket of Emma in Super Duper Mart at Lexington, accessible by a Master terminal, or going through the store.

> Glorious Revolution - Relentless Automatic Laser-Musket in the Castle Armory during Old Guns quest

> Evening Star - Two-Shot Minigun of Glory of the Railroad

> Miss. Launcher - Violent Pneumatic Missile-Launcher of Captain Bridget at Hub-City Autowreckers, loaded with Micro-Nukes

> Little Sister - Unlimited Ammo Fatman at one of the Islands in Salem, by the crashed airplane and within a tent.

> Rico's Revenge - VATs-Enhanced Handmade Rifle of Mags Black, within her locked room.

> St. Elmo's Fire - Incendiary Tesla Rifle of Overboss Colter, you can't miss it!

> Declaration of Independence - Two-Shot Automatic Laser Musket given by Sturges at the end of Nuclear Options at the side of the Minutemen.

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