There's a error? How to change everything? How to do it? Read this.

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Q: How do i change knifes?

A: You can go to Console and type "loadout_slot_knife_weapon_(ct/t) (0-18)

Knife Codes:

0 - Default knife (CT/T)

1 - CS:S knife

2 - Karambit

3 - Flip

4 - Bayonet

5 - M9 Bayonet

6 - Butterfly

7 - Gut

8 - Huntsman

9 - Falchion

10 - Bowie

11 - Survival

12 - Paracord

13 - Navaja

14 - Nomad

15 - Skeleto

16 - Stiletto

17 - Ursus

18 - Talon

Q: How do i change HUD Color?

A: Read "how to change hud color.txt"

Q: Requirements for this mod?

A: If your phone can run half life 2, you can play this mod too

Q: How do i install the mod?

A: Just install both APKs & Copy "mos" file to your gamedir (srceng)

Q: How to change Viewmodel?

A: You can set it up by typing "viewmodel_offset_x (0/-0)", "viewmodel_offset_y (0/-0)" and "viewmodel_offset_z (0/-0)" to Console.

Q: What is the Supported CSS Version?

A: v92

Q: How to inspect weapon?

A: Make a button in touch.cfg and add "+inspect" on it

Q: Where i can find custom Models, Sounds, and More?

A: You can join in our Discord Server!

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