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The "names_" bins determine the names of the characters inside the space lounges. An example would be names_terran_0_m.bin

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For this you need a hex editor. I'll be using XVI32 to open and notepad++ to edit the bin files.

(If you don't want to switch over to notepad++ to edit the plain text, you can also click on "Tools" in XVI32 and turn off overwriting. This allows you to insert strings instead of always overwriting them)

The .bin files for the space lounge character names have a very similar structure to the .lang files:

In front of each name, there's a byte that determines the length of the name.

For example: in names_terran_0_m.bin, the first name listed is Jake. The byte right in front of the first letter of the name is "04". 04 is hex for "4" which is the length of the name Jake.

Screenshot 2

I'll now be changing the name Jake to Michael

To do that, open the .bin with notepad++ and change the name "Jake" to "Michael". Press CTRL + S to save, close notepad++ and open the .bin file in XVI32 (Or the Hex editor of your choice). Now change the byte in front of the Letter "M" of Michael from "04" to "07" (Because Michael is seven letters long). Note that the length of the name has to be in hexadecimal. So if a name is 14 Letters long, the byte before the name has to be "0E"

(Please ignore that i've changed every name to Michael)Screenshot 3

UPDATE 12.01.2023:

Adding names:

It's possible to add more names to the _names .bin files

Every name file starts with 3x "00 00 00". The byte after that is the amount of names in that list. In names_terran_0_m, that byte reads 10 (The hex value for 16) meaning there are 16 names in that list.Screenshot 1 3

To add a name, change that byte to 11 (The hex value for 17). Then go to the end of the file, add one 00 byte, add one byte that equals the length of the name you're adding and then add the name.

To do this in XVI 32 you have to go to "Tools" and turn off Overwrite, then click into the left side (the hex side) and add the 00 and the length. Then click into the right side (the text side) and add the name

I've done it here in names_terran_1.bin (Which includes the surnames of the terrans)

Screenshot 2 2

Screenshot 1 4

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If anyone needs help with this, you can ask me on the Kaamo Club discord, which is the discord server of the GOF Wiki

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