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A step by step guide to get no-gibbing for all weapons & bullet-casings that don't disappear in Doom 3 without using mods

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If you are one of those Doom 3 aficionados who loves using multiple mods, but can't find a "no-gibbing" mod or "shells don't disappear" mod that works with other mods, than this guide is for you.

First off, you need "7zip" application. If you already have it, you are set.

Step 1: go into your "base" folder located in your Doom 3 directory.

Step 2: in the "base" folder, look for "pak000.pk4".

Also, I suggest you copy the "pak000.pk4" file & paste that copy inside of a backup folder for safekeeping. That way, in case you want to reverse the "no-gibbing" & "bullet-casings don't disappear" effects, you can easily just take the backup file you made & paste it back into your "base" folder.

Step 3: Right click on "pak000.pk4" with your mouse & highlight "7-Zip".

Step 4: after moving mouse cursor over "7-Zip", a window will open to the right. In the window on the right, left click "Open Archive".

Step 5: after following step 4, a new tab will open with a list of folders. You are now in the "pak000.pk4" file. Look for the folder named "def". Double left click on "def" folder to access its contents.

Step 6: Inside the "def" folder, scroll all the way down till you see a bunch of "weapon_(name of weapon).def" files.

Step 7: Right click on any one of the weapon def files & than left click the "View" option in the window that pops up (for conveniency sake, we'll be editing the pistol def file called "weapon_pistol.def" for this guide).

Step 8: After left clicking "View", you will be inside the weapon's def file. You will see a lot of text line gibberish. Scroll all the way down till you find the text line;

"entityDef damage_bullet_pistol {".

Step 9: Just below "entityDef damage_bullet_pistol {" you will find the text line "gib" "1".

Change the value number from "1" to "0".

NOTE: leave large space between "gib" and "value" as is.

Step 10: Once you have changed "gib" "1" to "gib" "0" you can now scroll further down till you find the text line;

"entityDef projectile_bullet_pistol {"

Step 11: Not too far below "entityDef projectile_bullet_pistol {" you will find the text line "fuse" "4".

Change the value number from "4" to "9000".

NOTE: leave large space between "fuse" and "value" as is.

Step 12: After doing this, move the mouse cursor into the upper left corner of window. Left click on "File" & than left click on "Save".

Step 13: Now close this window by left clicking on the "X" symbol in the upper right corner. A small window will pop up with the text line;

"File 'weapon_pistol.def' was modified.

Do you want to update it in the archive?"

Left click the "OK" button.

You will see a loading progress bar showing you that 7-Zip has saved your changes successfully.

Step 14: Start a game either from the beginning or (if using Enhanced Edition) from a chapter checkpoint. Use your pistol & witness the "no-gibbing" effect in all it's glory. And while you're at it, stop to have a look around the area where you're shooting your pistol to see the casings. They will stay on the ground for nearly an eternity.

Ok, now that you know how to edit weapon def files, you can easily follow this step by step guide for all the other weapons in Doom 3. It's pretty much the same text lines, only difference being the name of the weapon where the weapon's name is written in the text lines.

NOTE 1: this guide also works with custom weapon mods. Simply use this same method when opening the "pak" file of whatever mod you're using that changes/adds weapon definitions.

NOTE 2: if, for whatever reason, you are not getting "no-gibbing" & shell casings that stay forever after following this step by step guide, it is due to having mod files installed in your "base" folder that have weapon def files in their "pak" files that override the Vanilla "pak" files.

To fix any such issue, without deleting your beloved mods, simply use what you've learned from this step by step guide with your Mod's custom "pak" files. Open all "pak" files of a mod & check the "def" folder to see if the mod has any weapon def files & change the "gib" value to "0" & the "fuse" value to "9000".

NOTE 3: you might also have to edit the "def" files inside the custom "pak" files of a mod you have installed even if that mod is not located in your "base" folder.

EDIT: keep in mind, while using this guide will deliver "no-gibbing" & "bullet casings that never disappear" , it only works on human enemies in the campaign. Demons will still evaporate.

EDIT 2: in order to make demons not evaporate when killed (without using mods to accomplish this effect in-game), you can read my other Doom 3 Guide here on ModDB where I guide the reader step by step to achieve "non-evaporating" demons.

Just go to my profile page and check my "Articles" tab. You will find my other guide that covers how to make demons not evaporate there.

OUTDATED INFO (YOU CAN SKIP THIS SECTION AS THIS ISSUE HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLVED): I have yet to find a way to alter this effect. I am currently still looking into editing the "base" pak files. Once I have figured out how to make demons not evaporate I will update this guide (or write an entirely new guide here on ModDB) and cover the steps to achieve "non-evaporating" demons.

I hope this guide was helpful & easy to follow.

Doom 3 forever!

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