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Some pointers if you intend to take a crack at my work.

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> Multiplicative Damage and Ammo Switching - the original game. Multiplicative Damage is a must so that there isn't any diminishing-returns with the ammo-switching. It is IMPORTANT that the BONUSES would be ZEROED for related attachments. Because the Legendaries add by base-damage, having it on zero means you don't have to tinker with the legendries while allowing them to still work on the non-multiplicative weapons.

> T6M_ENCH_Base_Core_Perks [ENCH:xx001877] - This record houses the base perks of the weapon. This is not for the player, but for the NPC holding the weapon so that the bonus multiplicative damage will apply.

> T6M_ENCH_Core_* [ENCHxx00****] - This is really mostly used for just allowing for the ammo-switching to occur.

> ma_T6M_CanAmmoSwitch_* [KYWD:xx00****] - These Mod-Association Keywords are necessary to be added to the Base-Weapon, this is to let the attachments get filtered.

> ap_T6M_CanAmmoSwitch_* "Ball Rounds" [KYWD:xx00****] - These are the attachment points of specific ammo, without it there is no point for the Ammo Sub-Types to latch on to.

> T6M_MultRange [KYWD:xx0009F8] + T6M_MultDamage [KYWD:xx000887] - These are the basic keywords that will unlock the use of multiplicative bonuses of the receivers and other attachments. For the matter of ammo-switching, this is to disallow diminishing returns; for the multiplicative range, this is for the weapon NOT to go overboard.

> T6M_MultSpread [KYWD:xx0009F7] - The problem with shotguns and Pistol/Rifles is that their spread works inverse, that longer barrel will tighten the spread for shotguns, but the Pistol/Rifle will widen it because you have to aim-down sights. My system also uses perks to achieve this, but the attachment themselves, the Rifles should have small minimum but large maximum spread, while the shotgun would have equal min-max spread.

> dn_T6M_Mult_SpreadLevel_* - These are attached to the barrels themselves to configure how much bloom should the weapon have per barrel.

> dn_T6M_SpreadShot [KYWD:xx001868] - This Keyword is used to signal which direction would the weapon bloom would go. You ideally add this to the shotgun, or the spread-type ammo instead.

> dn_T6M_SlugShot [KYWD:xx00193F] - This keyword is what you add to single-projectile attachment such as the slug or the rifle-rounds though superfluous if they do not have the SpreadShot keyword, as this will override the bonuses completely.

> dn_T6M_Core_Ammo_* 30 to 1000 - I wanted the Gatling Laser to have different consumption based on different barrels, and this is how I achieved it.

> dn_T6M_Damage_* 10 to 75 -- To avoid further complication, I added these keywords for simplicity and to add damage bonuses, that all I have to do is to add these keywords than mind exactly what keywords of the attachment are.

> ap_T6M_Receiver_Trigger [KYWD:xx000840] - These are the common Keyword for Triggers.
> ap_T6M_Receiver_Damage [KYWD:xx00083E] - These are the common Keyword for Damage.
> ap_T6M_Receiver_Frame [KYWD:xx00083F] - These are the common Keyword for Frames.

> ap_gun_Underbarrel "No Underbarrel" [KYWD:xx0013F6] - These are Underbarrel Attachments

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