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Ammo Type and Sub-Type is integral to the experience of Weapons Overhaul Redux, but this means that other weapons -- the standalone weapons would feel left out. It would be nice to have them eligible for ammo-switching. I made this here guide because I cannot (do not want) to simply patch every standalone weapon that will ever exist. So here is a guide if you want to do it yourself when I cannot (do not want).

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Phase 1: Preliminary Tweaks

> Step 1: Add the Necessary Keywords and remove redundant ones.

- T6M_MultDamage will unlock the Multiplicative Damage Bonus
- T6M_MultRange will unlock the Multiplicative Range Bonus
- T6M_MultSpread will unlock the Dynamic Spread control, necessary if your weapon is a shotgun.
- MA_T6M_CanAmmoSwitch_* is necessary to allow the weapon to switch into ammo types. One per ammo-type is needed, so if your weapon is able to make use of multiple types, you will have to add more keywords.
- Take out unnecessary and redundant attachment. Such as in this case, another ammo-type that isn't needed.

> Step 2: Zero Out Base Damage

- Zero out the base-damage so that it won't be multiplied by the other weapon attachments that only add damage by base damage. This means less work as you don't have to zero out the attachments themselves, this also handles the legendary weapons.
- If you are using a shotgun, you need an Aim-Model that has MinC MaxCone value to make them static. ADS Cone is really by your discretion, it's already at 0.40 which is 40%, the ammunition handles it's increase such as the buckshot sending it upwards 0.80 is my math is right. This will make it so that the crosshair is static when moving. The slugs versus buckshot already handles the dynamic spread, so long as you already zeroed it out with the Aim-Model and Attachments.
- My system has two different shotgun types, the 20-Gauge and the 12-Gauge. the 20-Gauge (Yellow) has tighter and smaller spread with lighter recoil than the 12-Gauge (Red). You don't have to follow this exactly, as ammo is just virtual currency that allows or disallow use of weapon. But this is my format.

> Step 3: Integrate the Ammo to Spawn

- Pretty basic, either add or replace these relevant mods within the object template. Yes, this has to be done in every instance.

Phase 2: Nexus Attachment - A "Nexus" attachment is simply a set of attachments that the weapon MUST and will always have, such as Calibers. And thus the following changes will ALWAYS be there.

> Step 1: Add ammo attachment points, and set the base damage

- The ap_T6M_CanAmmoSwitch_* is necessary so that there is a point to attach mods. This must be different per caliber, and should only house one, unlike the base weapon record that houses all MA_ keywords all at once.
- Base-Damage is typically the same, but you may change damage differently as well. Since this is the base damage, it's effectively another level of multiplicative damage on top of basic multiplicative damage.

> Step 2: Set the inner workings

- Note that T6M_ENCH_Base_Core_Perks is constant through ALL Nexus Attachments, because this is the base perks that handles the bonuses. Note that this isn't actually needed for the player to work as the perks are already injected to the player, but this is necessary so that the multiplicative bonuses would work on everyone else.
- Set the base ammo: While in this case the ammo used is AmmoShotgunNull, this is meant to disable the weapon to prompt the user to manually attach the necessary ammunition for the intended effect. But if this is not a shotgun, you should just default to the basic Ball Rounds.
- The T6M_Ench_Core_* should match the ammunition type used by the weapon, or the receiver. This applies a perk without bonuses, but is just used to detect what ammo-type you currently have equipped when you use the Ammo-Switcher
- Make note that you add the proper dn_hasreceiver_converted* keyword, if it's Shotgun then its "buck", if it's 5mm, then it's "5mm". Note that Buck is used for a lot of internal stuff, so even if you use specifically 20-Gauge or 12-Gauge, you still need the Buck keyword.

> Step 3: If Shotgun, adjust the crosshair behavior

- The Non-Shotgun receiver which in this example is the 5mm Receiver, you should apply a non-equal bonus or penalty to the spread cone. This will make it so that the single-projectile, 5mm Receiver would have a dynamic crosshair, while the Shotgun would have a static one.
- This is also the same case with the ADS Cone for the single-projectile ammo, so that the single-projectile would have a more accurate ADS fire.

Phase 3: Attachment Management

> Step 1: Remove Bonus Range from Receivers and Muzzles, since this is now multiplicatively handled.

- The example is just the muzzle, but you have to tend to the other attachments as well.
- Take note that these only apply to Receivers and Muzzles. Something like the Barrel has the bulk of range of the weapon, and you don't want to touch that. Unless you know what you are doing.

> Step 2: If Shotgun, at the Barrels, remove spread bonuses or penalties, and replace with keywords

- Note that the ADS reduction should be untouched. If anything it should also be rescaled based on barrel length, Up to 40% for the longest barrel. The 40% of barrel + 40% of the single-projectile receiver or ammo, leaves 20% to be filled by another attachment like scopes and sights.
- The Spread bonuses should be removed, and replaced with the keywords "dn_T6M_Mult_SpreadLevel_*" from 0 lowest to 4 highest. This is because the perk controls the shotgun spread now, so that it will be dynamic with single-shot slugs, or static with cluster shots. The spread-level means that longest barrel (at Lv4) will have tightest shotgun spread, but wide moving crosshair for single-projectile, and opposite for the shortest barrel (at Lv0).

Phase 4: PROFIT

- You're pretty much done, the necessary records are added and the ammo-switching should work. And the necessary equipment are tweaked.
- Note that this isn't overhauling your weapon, it's just allowing the ammo-switch to work better. You have to do that yourself.

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