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HEY ALL Here we Share this high res Texture, Tweaks Its a bit annoying, if you settings are Best but stil get Low res, now On this Topic we talk about Tweaking and graphics how we make it better, Here is community and i wil try to Update this Page,.

Posted by on - Basic UI/HUD

Before you change things
* Backup your Files

*Go to C:\Users\name\Documents\mygames\Dishonored\Dishono redGame\Config

*And Open DishonoredEngine.ini

*Than Ctrl+F to search to line's

warning it wil hit performance
But if you have a good Pc it wont be a problem

:Info Dont combine, with all community Settings,
the results *Crash/Lagg/Glitch/

I made a licht with you can see with it is tested,

Tested Not working Tested need to be tested Tested Working great

---------------If you are done with Tweak Dont forget to make It *Read Only*-------------------------------
Alright, I've spent a lot of time really testing what different things do, and looking up pretty much every graphics related line possible. It's pretty different from my last config, but an improvement definitely. Removed a lot of stuff from my old that really wasn't doing anything.

I got rid of all the baked shadow/lightmap popping, which really makes the immersion a lot better. I managed to increase the distance at which shadows for characters are rendered as well, it's pretty far now, but I'd still like to make it further, have to look into that more.

I left Hardware Shadow Filtering Off in exchange for the lower ShadowDepthBias. Results seem great to me.

Done some improvements to the texture streaming.

UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=False (Turn this off if you have an AMD/ATI card)
PoolSize=320 (doubled, gives more graphics RAM for texture streaming to use)
StopIncreasingLimit=20 (higher memory limit to reduce texture popin)
MinTimeToGuaranteeMinMipCount=0 (Set to 0 to improve streaming performance, get rid of lower mips quicker and bring on the highest)
LoadMapTimeLimit=4.0 (Reduced load time for the maps, the lower it is, the more bandwidth you need. So if you have a really powerful card you can experiment with lower this more)
FLightPrimitiveInteracti (Doubled these two, improves performance, each should be set to 1/4 your total system RAM. So if 8GB, they would be 2048. I have 12gb, but set moderately at 1024 in the INI for compat with the average system of 4GB.)
FModShadowPrimitiveInteracti 4
CompositeDynamicLights=False (Having this True makes for less accurate dynamic lighting.
/>DetailMode 4
ShadowFilterQualityBias=10 (Don't think it's really doing anything with Hardware filtering off though)
MaxShadowResolution=4096 (Since this game isn't DX10/11, we can't go any higher)
ShadowTexelsPerPixel=16 (This tells the system how many basically pixels of shadow to draw for every screen pixel. It seems high here, but it doesn't seem to affect performance much, since it adjusts dynamically. Raising it to this high number greatly increased the distance that shadows could be seen from, but it seems to be capped)
bEnableVSMShadows=True (better multiple shadow interaction)
bAllowBetterModulatedShadows=True (better shadow handling)
bEnableForegroundSelfShadowing=True (Doesn't seem to do much that I can tell, but no harm having it on haha)
ShadowFilterRadius=4 (again, don't seem to do anything with HardwareFiltering off.)
ShadowDepthBias=.004 (more detailed and small crevice shadows.)
(Disabled the Mips for these two completely, as MIP changes for these are pretty significant and visually different. Doesn't harm performance much)
TEXTUREGROUP_Lightmap=(MinLODSize=512,MaxLODSize=4 096,LODBias=0,NumStreamedMips=0)
TEXTUREGROUP_Shadowmap=(MinLODSize=512,MaxLODSize= 4096,LODBias=0,NumStreamedMips=0)

Tested V2

ShadowFadeExp />ShadowDepthBias=0

Need to be Tested
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==================Dead Girls Don't Say No==================
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========================jim2poi=============== His setting (setting) Exemple Exemple

need to be Tested

I have made my game as awesome as the Nvidia users show in their pictures. I'm on a XFX 5870 radeon.

I use Radeonpro and Sweet fx with Jims settings he posted a couple of pages back.

I found that my RadeonPro kept reseting to default, my solution is that you create a profile (opening disonored.exe in radeonpro) and add settings:

Visuals - Anti-aliasing - 4x or 8x depending on computer specs.
Anti-aliasing Mode - Multisample or Supersample
Anisotropic filtering - 16x

Advanced - All 5 options at the top is marked.
Textures filtering quality - High quality or quality
Mipmap Quality - High quality or quality
Texture LOD - -1 or -2 (-2 is heavier)


================For ati Users=======================

Tool RadeonPro
Website You can Override Graphics settings
Its a preview its Updated

================For Nvidia Users===================
You have to use Nvidia Inspector, it's a free, portable, little program that allows you to set options that aren't exposed in the Nvidia control panel.

And here are the right settings:


================================================== =================
if you have a good Tweak, Just add on Topic and i wil add on this


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